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Dublin's Irish Pub: Dublin's Irish Club

Published on 11:35am 01/22/2008 by aclark

If you are staying in Duluth, Minnesota and are the type that likes to go out and have a good time then Dublin’s Irish Pub is the place for you. It is located on one of Duluth’s main streets that are called Superior Street. Just ask your hotel lobby for directions or transportation advice on how to get to Dublin’s Irish Pub. Dublin’s has a wide variety of foreign beers on tap and has the best prices in Duluth for beer. Dublin’s also has a very nice area to sit and chill and eat some free popcorn from them. If you like to play arcade games, you are in luck because Dublin’s has the ever famous “Deer Hunter” that is very fun to play when you got your buzz on. Also Dublin’s is the main college hangout in Duluth.

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