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War Photo Limited: War in pictures

Published on 05:07pm 02/29/2008 by Marijke

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Dubrovnik was shelled during the war, and though damage was fortunately mostly material, it was a signifcant event, as the world media picked up on the burning playground of the west's wealthy and famous. There's no trace of the war left in the city, it was perfectly restored, mostly with western money. I find it a bit weird that there is so little acknoledgement in town of its immediate past, and this is even evident in the one place where you would expect it: the War Photo Limited gallery. It is a photo gallery dedicated to the horrors of war, and the pictures displayed are not suitable for children. But it is an excellent exhibition that does not spare the visitor, nor does it try to paint a glamorous picture of war. The bit on the Balkan war is (or at least was last year) surprisingly thing, though. Still, if you have the guts you should go, it will touch you deeply.

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