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De La Main: De La Main, Famous For Its Smoked Meat

Published on 01:06am 05/18/2008 by Nina514

On the main street of St. Laurent, just across Janos grilled chicken place, you will find a great deli and smoked meat restaurant called De La Main. Although we often said that we should really try the restaurant someday, we never really got to it but yesterday. We ordered the special rib steak menu for CAD 12.95 (I think). You will be given a glass of cold water, bread, butter, dill pickle and very tasty sauerkraut, or perhaps it was just regular cabbage salad mixed with shredded carrot, anyways it was really tasty and garlicky, fries, and of course the steak; however, there was also the entrée, which was a beef wiener (I guess) and liver. This is a Jewish restaurant if I am not mistaken and so yeah, there isn’t pork on the menu whatsoever and asking them would just make them upset, believe me. The steak was great with spice and garlic; only a little downfall was that I ordered well done but it came medium so I could see some dripping bloods. The restaurant isn’t that grand but comfy, there are quite plenty caricatures on the wall along with Cartier’s picture, I didn’t get to check the washroom, the service was great, you can ask hot sauces and mustard, and there is also fish on the menu if I remember well. Sadly I didn’t remember to order any kind of the desserts although I remember reading about homemade cheesecake made to order.

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