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Element Café: Element Café

Published on 12:45am 07/10/2008 by Erica Johansson

I absolutely love Element Café. It’s an oriental café at Löjtnantsgatan 4 in the neighbourhood Rörsjöstaden. I lived in the nearby Värnhem, only a two minutes bike ride from the square Värnhemstorget via Kungsgatan. Since it was so close it became one of our favourite cafés that summer. The place mostly attracts students, young people, and other locals who enjoy long lunch or coffee breaks. The interior with soft pillows, comfortable sofas and red textiles is lovely. Great selection for vegetarians, especially the bean salads or hummus with sesame bread.

Element Cafés open times are Tuesday to Thursday 9am-7pm, and Friday to Sunday 11am-5pm.

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