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Olivarez Plaza: Olivarez Plaza

Published on 07:36pm 07/17/2008 by orangetravel

Due to the absence of large malls, Olivarez Plaza is probably the best place to do your shopping in Tagaytay. But more than groceries, this plaza houses several establishments for everything that a tourist needs. For one, Café Amadeo serves as a cozy chill-out place for both locals and tourists who want to enjoy the Taal Lake scenery while sipping a cup of coffee and feeling the cold climate. If you’re lost in the middle of Tagaytay and don’t know what to eat, I’m sure you won’t give McDonald’s a second thought. Luckily, Olivarez Plaza has this fastfood branch. The plaza also features Mercury Drug for your medicine needs and HSBC or Western Union for your monetary concerns. But, what I like most in this plaza is its “Ukay-ukay” shops or those shops that sell second-hand clothing.

One important thing, Olivarez Plaza is not that hard to find. It’s located in Tagaytay Junction which is known as the heart of the city. Truly an all-in-one establishment, Olivarez Plaza stands as the oldest and most trusted place when it comes to everything.

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