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Tombs of King Kongmin and his Queen: Twin tombs of King Kongmin and his queen (Kaesong, North Korea)

Published on 12:59pm 10/19/2008 by aventuras

If you´re travelling around Kaesong I recommend a visit to the twin tombs of King Kongmin, which are well preserved historical remains from the 14th century. With its green and hilly landscape it is also a nice place for a picnic.

King Kongmin ruled Goryeo (Korea) from 1351 until 1374. Goryeo had been a dependency of the Mongol Yuan Dynasty since the Mongol invasion of Korea. As was the custom, King Kongmin spent many years in the Yuan court before ascending the Korean throne and he married a Mongol princess Queen Noguk.

He was skilled in the art of painting and designing and when his wife died in 1365 he began constructing the tombs which took about 7 years. Stone sculptures of tigers and sheep and twelve celestial guards surround the tombs.

It is said that when his wife died he was very depressed and in the end he became indifferent to politics.

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