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Celtic Night "Noche Celta" Festival: Celtic Night Festival in Mijas Pueblo Main Square

Published on 06:36am 11/04/2008 by Bellatravel

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Every year at the end of June the Mijas Council organises the Celtic Night "Noche Celta" Festival in the Mijas Pueblo Main Square. This is a great festival with many attending bands from Andalusia and Spain. Some of the bands played Traditional Celtic, others Celtic with Andalusian touches, and others Celtic Rock. The festival started around 9pm and finished after 2am. Around the stage there were stalls from local Irish and Spanish restaurants offering food and drinks at very low prices. We had the most amazing grilled chicken from one of the Irish stalls. The atmosphere was great although the humidity was really high which made me feel very sticky-hot. If you visit Mijas in June and like Celtic Music you will love this Festival.

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