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Bulldog Pub : Bulldog Pub

Published on 12:42pm 12/02/2008 by stevenage

We went to this pub a couple of times. It is quite central and a big old place with a kind of airforce and navy theme with these big propellers hanging from the ceiling. The first night there was a band playing a mix of blues and soul which was not bad at all, but the second time it was pop rock which was a bit more hit and miss. They also advertised for a Jazz night so it looked like there was a good variety of music. On both nights the place was pretty full and there was a good atmosphere. Compared to other bars we´d been to the beers were more expensive but there was a good selection.
We saw a bunch of guys getting laagered up for a stag party, so it looks like the place might be on the list for the pub crawl organised.

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