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Manoy and Cucuz Panciteria: The Best Pancit in Las Pinas

Published on 02:02am 01/29/2009 by orangetravel

Filipinos love to party, and what is a party like without Pancit? It’s like dry Chinese noodles which have become a staple in every Filipino’s party especially on birthday celebrations. It symbolizes long life for us, so there’s no way we won’t have Pancit on the table.

There are variations of Pancit all over the Philippines but in Las Piñas city, Cucuz serves one of the best pancits in town. The main selling factor of Cucuz is its cheap and huge serving of this noodle. For example, it has a “bilao” (a winnowing basket) of pancit that can serve as many as 30 pax for only 600Php or less. That is just around US$13! And the best part is: a serving of Cucuz pancit is very satisfying. It’s delicious even without calamansi or a small citrus fruit. That taste alone is reason for my family to put Cucuz in mind whenever we have a party.

Open 24 hours. Free delivery with minimum order of 200Php.

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