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Africa Attractions

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Djemaa el Fna 4.0 stars
Reputed to be the largest public square in Africa, Jemaa el Fna is the heartbeat of Marrakech. I would recommend that you visit at night. There is a spectacular array of stalls all with their own lighting systems from hijacked mains electric ... [more ]
Victoria & Alfred Waterfront 4.0 stars
The Victoria & Albert Waterfront is a lively shopping and restaurants complex. I really loved the Clock Tower and the views of the sea and Table Mountain. There are lots of activities available so you could easily spend a whole day there. The ... [more ]
Giza pyramid complex 4.0 stars
At dawn, the sound & light show takes place on a (because of the desert sand) weather-beaten stage with a view to the sphinx and the pyramids. During nice light effects, the story of old Egypt is told. Although the content of the story is not ... [more ]
Valley of the Kings 4.0 stars
The Valley of the Kings is a very worthwhile tourist destination. There are several things to be aware of, however, which will make your journey much more pleasant. First: Bring your own water, as the valley is hot and dusty, and the ... [more ]
Table Mountain 5.0 stars
Table Mountain is incredibly beautiful. I spend there a whole day, walking and enjoying the views. They had a lovely restaurant café with an outdoors terrace whith amazing views to the Mountain Range. We sat down there for ages as it was ... [more ]
Trekking in the Sahara 5.0 stars
If you’re interested in a trip like this one, it helps to have someone in your group who speaks at least a little Arabic. You’ll find it much easier to communicate with the Bedouin. However, if that’s not possible, you can get along just fine ... [more ]
Boulders Beach 4.0 stars
Although most of the areas of Boulders Beach are "strictly for penguins" there was also a little beach between the rocks where you can relax or have a swim. The penguins will walk freely in Boulders beach so don´t be surprised if one of them ... [more ]
Camps Bay 5.0 stars
This beach was really stunning, I loved everything about it, the golden soft sand, the views to the Twelve Apostles, the gorgeous blue water. The only 2 things that were a bit unpleasant: The constant wind and being constantly interrupted from my ... [more ]
Souks of Marrakech 4.0 stars
The souks are one of the biggest draws to Marrakech and the medina. They are a shopoholic’s dream come true and the choice is so immense that the experience can seem overwhelming. The souks form a myriad of cobbled intertwining streets on the ... [more ]
Knysna Elephant Park 4.0 stars
I really enjoyed this visit. It was the first time I was close to elephants and they were adorable. The drive you to a safe area where you have the opportunity to feed, touch and take pictures of the elephants. They provided you with a big ... [more ]
Fish River Canyon 4.0 stars
Von Windhoek sind es ca. 650 km bis zum Fish River Canyon. Die Savannen-Landschaft wird immer trockener und leerer, und von weitem konnten wir schon die Tafelberge sehen. Sie wirken fast, als hätte jemand oben die Spitze abgeschnitten, so eben ... [more ]
Step Pyramid 3.0 stars
If you visit the Step Pyramid and Zoser's Funerary Complex, you will probably be approached at the ticket booths by someone offering to show you the "extras" for a small fee. While we usually shy away from such offers, we decided to try this ... [more ]
Marrakech/Jardin Majorelle and Islamic Art Museum 4.0 stars
at the beautiful Jardin Majorelle. I went in January but the colours of the walls, pots and planting were still breathtaking. It must be even more stunning when the season is warmer. Created by landscape painter Jacques Mojorelle in 1924, later ... [more ]
Hassan II Mosque 4.0 stars
This stunning building just by the Casablanca sea is a must-see. A contrast with the more humble look of the rest of Casablanca. They have tours inside the Mosque which I highly recommend. Once inside the building you need to cover your ... [more ]
Cape Point 5.0 stars
Visiting Cape of Good Hope is a must if you are in Cape Town – just head down along False Bay, passing Simonstown, you will be entering the Nature Reserve of the Cape Peninsula. There other than over-curious and naughty baboons, you will see ... [more ]
Serengeti 5.0 stars
Driving along the dusty mudroad in the middle of the vast Serengeti National Park, we saw thousands and thousands of wildebeests and zebras galloping along the plains, lazily grazing the grass, carefree and at ease in their natural habitat. I ... [more ]
Sossusvlei 4.0 stars
It looks like something out of the Arabian Nights, a fairytale castle shimmering in the desert. I loved staying at Le Mirage Hotel & Spa, it's the perfect retreat after a day exploring the tallest dunes on the planet at nearby Sossusvlei. Have ... [more ]
Cango Caves 5.0 stars
About 30 Km north of Oudtshoorn, in the heart of the Little Karoo – you will find the majestic Cango Caves, some of the largest in all Africa. The drive up there across the mountains is quite scenic – and the inside major cave-room sometimes ... [more ]
Kokerboom Forest (Quiver Tree Forest) 3.0 stars
Situated in Keetmanshoop, Namibia, I visited the Kokerboom Forest in the company of dozens of other tourists for a refreshing and interactive nature walk. The Kokerboom forest is a forest that consists of a rare species of aloe dichotoma trees ... [more ]
Abuko Nature Reserve 4.0 stars
I´ve twice been to Abuko Nature Reserve, first on a guided bird watching trip and a second time on a day out with the kids. The official guide that showed me and the kids around was excellent and we really enjoyed his company. You have to realise ... [more ]
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