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Africa Bars

Africa bar reviews from insiders

Cool Runnings, Observatory 4.0 stars
Fast Food, Café in Cape Town
For something quite different, this place will do... This is a pub/restaurant inspired by Jamaica, so the decor is all bamboo, sand and "Ja man..." Truly island style... It is mostly favoured by students, but it does make for an interesting ... [more ]
Nejjarine Museum Cafe 5.0 stars
Café in Fès
After visiting the very large museum of Nejjarine, which took a lot of time, my group and I decided to have tea or coffee at the museum cafe. The cafe is right on the museum's roof and I really liked it there. It was very hot outside, but inside ... [more ]
Kauai 5.0 stars
Polynesian, Café in Cape Town
Kauai is one of the best Healthy alternative sandwich bars in the Cape with a fantastic variety of fresh fruits smoothies, great warm or cold sandwiches with healthy fillings and fresh fruit salads. Prices are really affordable. You can buy a ... [more ]
Joe Cool's 5.0 stars
Bar in Durban
Wheelburrows full of beverages, the sweatiest crankingest dance floor ever, epic beachside location, cheap food, drinks and entry - and without a doubt the place to be/go if ever in Durban. Nestled among the beachside markets and across the road ... [more ]
Obz Cafe 5.0 stars
Café in Cape Town
I used to live in Observatory, and really liked visiting Obz Cafe. Many of the eateries in Obz can be quite dingy, but this one has a bit of class to it, even if it retains that unique, slightly "worn" and bohemian Observatory feel. At least ... [more ]
Franki Bananaz 5.0 stars
Bar in Hillcrest
The best nightlife cocktail food and drinks bar in the outer west!!! Open all day, the small bar serves food until 22:00pm at night and drinks until much later. Known for its great parties, festivals, themes and music, you will seldom find this ... [more ]
Kosybar 3.0 stars
North African, Bar in Marrakech
Kosybar rooftop is pretty special - you can view the Badi Palace with all its majestic storks and their huge nests who seem to have taken over the Palace. The other side looks over a great deal of the Kasbah area, so get your camera out! Ideal ... [more ]
Ziggy's Bar 4.0 stars
Local, Bar in Niamey
When I was in Niamey and wanted to wind down the day in a nice place, there was one bar that always came to mind, Ziggy's. Now, "Ziggy's" is just what the other Americans called it, it's actually the "Hotel Sahel" bar, located right on the ... [more ]
The Fat Black Pussycat 4.0 stars
Local, Bar in Cairo
I knew I was going to love this place as soon as I heard the name, and it did not disappoint. It's like a fancy tapas bar, but without the Spanish theme. There are appetizers and mini-dishes from various countries, and of course the cocktails ... [more ]
Various beach bars 4.0 stars
Bar in Tangier
It’s surely the simple pleasures in life that are the best; an ocean breeze, a refreshing drink, good company, a beautiful view and the sound of three contented camels slurping on some water in front of you. All can be enjoyed by taking a pew in ... [more ]
Opium Lounge 3.0 stars
Bar in Tunis
pourquoi aucune adresse exacte pour ce soi-disant lounge ? parce qu'il est caché au premier étage du bagdad café ( ca vous évitera de tourner en rond ) j'y suis allée hier à 21H00 ... après avoir passé deux vigiles qui veulent faire croire que ... [more ]
Fishawi's Coffehouse 4.0 stars
Café in Cairo
Generally I would say that restaurants and cafes in the Khan al Khalili are to be avoided. They tend to be crowded with busloads of tourists, and the prices are far too expensive for the quality. Fishawi's Coffeehouse is an exception. While the ... [more ]
Kechmara 4.0 stars
European, Café in Marrakech
We found this by accident, but had read about it so popped in for lunch. Very nice staff, friendly and obviously chosen for their looks too! Food is good, innovative and although the choice was limited there were a couple of vegetarian dishes. ... [more ]
Teahouse in Sidi Bou Said 4.0 stars
Café in Sidi Bou Saïd
The teahouse at the top of the hill on the main shopping street in Sidi Bou Said is a wonderful place to relax and watch the crowds go by. On a summer day, the elevated terraces provide welcome shade and catch any cool sea breezes floating by. ... [more ]
Cafe Arabe 4.0 stars
European, Café in Marrakech
I found this whilst getting lost in the Souks of the Medina, and although we knew it was around there somewhere it was more than a pleasant suprise to find it! A little haven in the chaos! we ate lunch on the roof top cafe, which even for January ... [more ]
Cafe View 4.0 stars
Café in Sidi Bou Saïd
Cafe View is an outdoor cafe set high on the hillside overlooking the harbour and the sea. As the name implies, the view is unbeatable. The tables are covered by umbrellas and shades and surrounded by wide white benches. This is a good place ... [more ]
Joburg 4.0 stars
Bar in Cape Town
Any visit to Cape Town has to, sooner rather than later, end up in Long Street, Cape Town's party strip. One of the longest established bars here is Joburg, ironically named after Cape Town's rival city - Johannesburg. This compact place is a ... [more ]
Hooters Restaurant 4.0 stars
International, Bar in Nairobi Region
Hooters Restaurant is a typical sports bar and restaurant that is frequented by residents, travelers and tourists alike. The restaurant’s large TV screens and convenient location within the city center are the main attractions to vibrant and ... [more ]
Long Street Cafe 4.0 stars
European, Café in Cape Town
Long Street Cafe is one of Cape Town's longest established sidewalk cafes, and this makes it quite amazing that it remains one of the trendiest. As the name suggests, it is situated in Cape Town's party street, and therefore quite close to the ... [more ]
La Cloche 3.0 stars
Bar in Niamey
Every time I've gone to La Cloche, one of two things have happened- either I've run into random other foreigners, or the place fills up and goes CRAZY. Around 10 or so on weekends, a lot of locals pre-party there before going out to other clubs ... [more ]
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