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Hong Kong Restaurants

4.0 stars

Top Restaurants in Hong Kong

Bubba Gump Shrimp Co 5.0 stars
Seafood, Restaurant in Hong Kong City
Although the imposing Café Deco is, in my opinion at least, the most famous of Peak Restaurants in Hong Kong, there is a close second, or even something to beat it, depending on your viewpoint. Located in Level three of the Peak Tower, the Bubba ... [more ]
Dynasty 5.0 stars
Chinese, Restaurant in Hong Kong City
The Dynasty Chinese Restaurant was certainly set in an enviable location as it was nicely positioned on the 3rd floor of Hong Kong’s Renaissance Harbour View Hotel and as such afforded a great panoramic view of the city’s harbour through large ... [more ]
Yoshinoya 5.0 stars
Japanese, Restaurant in Hong Kong City
Yoshinoya is one of the leading fast food chains in Japan, although new branches of it are quickly springing up all over the world – especially in modern Asian cities such as Singapore and Hong Kong. (I even ate in Yoshinoya the last time I was ... [more ]
Wagyu 5.0 stars
Steaks, Restaurant in Hong Kong City
Wagyu certainly had come highly recommended. It is one of the better know steak houses in Hong Kong specializing in the very fine quality Wagyu Steaks, but also offering other steak delights too, and with a very good reputation it seems that ... [more ]
Golden Elephant 4.0 stars
Thai, Restaurant in Hong Kong City
I have been to the Golden Elephant Thai Restaurant in Hong Kong on a number of occasions. It is very well located in the territory’s busy Times Square and yet still manages to provide a very tranquil setting for some excellent Thai food. Prices ... [more ]
The Boathouse 4.0 stars
Steaks, Restaurant in Hong Kong City
The Boathouse was a great place for me to stop at for a spot of lunch whilst at Hong Kong’s Stanley Main Street. It was perfectly situated, overlooking the coast and also enjoying a good position along the walking area. I was able to sit outside ... [more ]
The Avenue 4.0 stars
Steaks, Restaurant in Hong Kong City
The Avenue certainly looked like an opulent place with a trendy chic setting that suggested that prices would be high, though in fact they certainly were not, all things considered. Set in Hong Kong’s Nathan Road, right in the heart of the busy ... [more ]
Felix 4.0 stars
International, Restaurant in Hong Kong City
If you’re in Hong Kong, it’d almost be rude not to have a cocktail at The Peninsula. Having been there 6 years ago and having had loved it then, I went back to this beautiful and charismatic hotel last weekend for a drink in Felix; the Philippe ... [more ]
Maxims 4.0 stars
Chinese, Restaurant in Hong Kong City
I enjoyed a very nice evening meal at Maxims Chinese restaurant located at Laguna City Lai Gong Seng Shopping arcade near to Hong Kong’s Lam Tin MRT Station. The place is nicely furnished but even with the high class surroundings it represented ... [more ]
Tung Kee 4.0 stars
Seafood, Restaurant in Sai Kung
The Tung Kee Restaurant located in Hong Kong’s picturesque Sai Kung central area served very fresh seafood at good prices. I felt confident of the freshness because Sai Kung itself is well known for its long history as a fishing village and the ... [more ]
Morocco restaurant 4.0 stars
Indian, Restaurant in Cheung Chau
I only glanced the restaurant’s name, I was totally surprised. Wow! A Moroccan restaurant in Hong Kong. Awesome! My cousin, Emmy and I then entered the restaurant. We sat down and looked at the menu. Oh actually it is an Indian restaurant named ... [more ]
Adagio 4.0 stars
Steaks, Restaurant in Hong Kong City
Adagio boasted a great mix of fusion food and, not only did they exceed my expectations, but they did it in style. This 1st floor place in Hong Kong’s Sheung Wan district provided a great selection of dishes, mixing western and Asian cuisines and ... [more ]
Shek O Chinese & Thai Resturant 3.0 stars
Chinese, Restaurant in Shek O Village
For a huge selection of Chinese and Thai food, try the ‘Shek O Chinese and Thailand Seafood Restaurant’ situated in the centre of Shek O village. Open from 11.30am to 10pm at night, this cheap and cheerful restaurant, surrounded by blooming ... [more ]
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