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São Tomé Travel Tips

5.0 stars

Insider advice for your São Tomé vacation

The Roças are old colonial proprieties owned now by the locals. This are places of exploration of one the best cocoas and coffees in the world. But almost auto sufficient, they have also a large array of tropical fruits. Everything perfectly fit in the luxuriant foliage of the dark green forest.
I found this Roça by chance when I rented a cab to drive me along the only road on the eastern side of Principe Island. The driver had a friend there. It`s located mid way after a fishermen`s village.
While visiting it I found that everything pretty much stayed the same in visual terms from its prosperous times. It looked alike stopped in time. But now the private train lines rusts, the offices and the hospital are empty as well as the main landlord house.
But it´s possible to sleep and eat there if someone wants so, both will be provided inexpensively. Just don´t expect a fancy room.
if you don´t want to stay, spend the time giving an eye to everything.


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