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Kuta Travel Tips

4.0 stars

Insider advice for your Kuta vacation , Bali

Busy Kuta Beach 4 stars
I arrived to the Kuta Beach at low tide. Kuta was crowded with surfers and people having lessons waiting on the beach for high tide. Kuta beach was quite shallow. You can walk out 100 meters and be chest high in the water. The negative side was to be constantly hassled by all kinds of vendors and massage ladies as soon as you sit down in the sand. I still would not advise to bring too much cash or any important valuables to this crowded beach. Kuta´s food and drink vendors are all over selling drinks or quick snacks. Restaurants by the beach were expensive but within 2 minutes walk we found some "warungs" small restaurants, offering nice traditional food at lower prices.


Mass tourist culture 2 stars
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In Kuta, there are a lot of relatively wealthy people coming into the area, usually for a relatively short time, and I found this causes a strange situation with many of the local people who earn a living in the tourist industry. I saw a lot of arguments build up between market sellers or street vendors and tourists. And I saw a lot of tourists treating locals, who were just trying to earn a living, like an inconvenience on their holiday. It is true the street sellers can be aggressive and you can get caught in scams if not careful. But mostly the people are wonderful and friendly and understanding their situation is the key to treating them with respect. If you feel like you are being hassled just laugh it off, this will make you appear confident and easygoing and the seller is likely just to laugh with you. I learnt that the market sellers have a system whereby they give a certain coloured bag to people they have ripped off and a different colour to others who bartered a tough bargain. So if market sellers are giving you a lot of hassle have a look what you are carrying… As with all markets, the people are just trying to sell their products to you and even though it can become annoying to be constantly offered things to buy, just be patient. I learnt that a spoken agreement is like a contract between a buyer and seller in Bali. So don’t name a price unless you are actually prepared to pay that price, as you shouldn’t back down on an offer you have made.

I found Kuta, Bali to be a bustling tourist hotspot complete with high street shops, nightclubs and an adopted surf culture. This is not the place for traditional Balinese culture, but it is a part of contemporary Balinese culture and is worth experiencing. The best things I found to do in Kuta were to buy cheap CDs and DVDs, to get surf clothes at cheap prices, to get my surfboard fixed, and just to watch the strange tourist/surf culture that has swamped the place. When the heat of the city overwhelmed me I found standing in the freezer isle of the supermarket like being in heaven.

Kuta is arranged around two main streets, Poppies I and Poppies II. Both of which are scattered with guesthouses, places to eat and market stalls. I stayed at the Ayu Beach Inn, which I would recommend. But there are loads of guesthouses for roughly Rp40000 (about £2.50) a night along the Poppies that are pretty much the same. Bamboo Corner is a good place to eat and they have great milkshakes, but it was a bit expensive. I found a really cheap road seller doing packets of rice and vegetables for Rp5000 so you can get good prices if you look. As someone who loves Indonesian food I found the cheap 'warungs' in Kuta fantastic. There is also a room with about ten pool tables, and I had fun hanging out there and playing the locals. Also, playing football on the beach is a good way to spend an evening.


Kedin's II 5 stars
During our holiday in Indonesia in Oct/Nov2007 we stayed in couple of hostels in Kuta, Bali and easily Kedin's II was the best one. Hostel felt more like a hotel to me. Big rooms with massive beds and air conditioning facing a lovely garden/swimming pool setting. Plus it was really quiet even with beach and all the main streets just near. In off peak season in November we payed 70 000 rupiahs for the double room per night which might not the absolutely cheapest option in Bali but I think for the 20 000 rupiahs or so extra it was worth what I would even call 'luxury' when you travel on a backpacker budget.


Moneychangers in Kuta 1 stars
If you are changing money in Kuta, Bali make sure to use banks only. We got so many troubles especially on the main street Jl Legian and I have heard that happens a lot. Once we got short changed 1million rupiahs, around 80euros..luckily noticed and got our money back. Usually if there is no comission it means they try to short change your money so always count your money before you leave the place.We tried four different places and they did it in all of them, promised no comission at first, tried to short change your money and in the end said that there is a comission. Best thing is to go to banks, they may not have as good rates as on the streets but it is really worth it avoiding the trouble.


Kuta - it is what it is 4 stars
Okay, enough of the complaining about Kuta - it is what it is. If you want the true paradise of Bali, you need to go outside of Kuta! (It's no different than going to Hawaii - staying at a beach hotel in downtown Honolulu is not going to give you the true Hawaii.)

Kuta is a crazy place, I'll admit. But it's fun, exciting and has a pulse of it's own. True, Kuta beach isn't that great but you're still on the island of Bali, so get over it.

Kuta is a fantastic place to meet people. Kuta has great shopping, a happening night life and everything from good cheap food to expensive restaurants. You can stay in a cottage in Kuta for only dollars a day (including breakfast!) or spend more and stay at a luxurious beach front hotel. No matter how you look at it, Kuta has a lot to offer.

The hustle and bustle of the city is what makes Kuta Kuta. All the motorcycles and mopeds driving way to fast and mostly in the wrong lane - if you dont like it, there's so much more to Bali - get out there and see it! Tours are extremely cheap and offer fantastic value - you get an even better deal if you buy a 'set' of tours, like 5 together and you can take them over a period of a week. It's much cheaper then trying to arrange something yourself and it's a great chance to meet others tourists to hang out with.

Kuta is a great introduction to the best asset of the island, the people. Everyone is so friendly (yes, including the time share people, most of the time) and it really explains why the island of Bali is so magical.

So enjoy Kuta for what it is and don't expect anything more.


Kuta 4 stars
Kuta was my first stop on my trip around the world. When I think back, running chickens, scooters everywhere, food stalls, little shops, little streets, cheap food and drink, tourists, and many more memories come to my mind. It’s a bustling little island that lives off tourism and was badly hit by the terror attacks in 2002. Cheap? Yes, of course it’s cheap, food, drinks, scooters, fake stuff - you can get everything. Surfing is also good in Kuta – it has a long beach with warm water, water’s not to deep and the waves break evenly – great for beginners. Renting a surfboard is also super cheap – 2 dollars if I remember correctly. All in all it’s a nice touristy island, friendly people, good food, good shopping…


Visiting Kuta 3 stars
I went to Bali expecting it to be total paradise from what other people had said and from adverts I saw on TV but was pretty shocked when I got there! It resembled a rubbish dump more that it did a beach. When I was swimming in the sea I kept getting dirty plastic bags wrapped around me and the water was brown! If you walk for 20 minutes or so down the beach the sand turns to volcanic black sand and it sparkles and it is really nice to walk on but the beach is still pretty dirty but not as bad. If your thinking that you can go to the beach for a bit of quiet time and to relax, then think again! There are so many sellers on the beach that you don't get a moment of peace, they are quite persistent too! There are loads of shops with nice things to buy in Kuta, and quite a few nice bars. If your looking for dancing then try Bounty or the place next door to it. I went to a club called Double Six, the music was ok and it was a really clean club, plus they have a Bungee Jump that you can do outside as well if you are feeling brave! There are loads of places to eat too so you are spoiled for choice. Apparently there are much nicer places to stay that Kuta but it is pretty hard to get around if you don't drive.


Surfing for Beginners 4 stars
So I arrived in Bali and it seems that no one is there for anything but surfing! I have always wanted to try it and for some reason thought it would be really easy and that I would be a natural, obviously I was fooling myself as I soon realised that you actually have to be pretty fit to even attempt it! I gave it a go on Kuta beach as the waves weren't too big but definitely big enough but because of all the litter in the sea I kept getting rubbish stuck to be just as I was trying to catch a wave. There are loads of places that rent surf boards and that will give you lessons too, but make sure that you shop around as the prices really differ. I was awful at it and my board smacked me on the head – don't ask how I managed to do that as I have no idea. I managed to knee surf and that was as far as I got in an hour and a half! When I finished I was exhausted and my feet were cut up and I was pretty bruised! Its a great workout as I was still aching all over for more than 4 days later.


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