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India Attractions

3.0 stars
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Taj Mahal 4.0 stars
There's not really much I can say about the Taj Mahal that hasn't already been said before. Yes it is stunning and yes it is an absolute MUST on any trip to India. The only advice I can give you is that if you get a Combined Ticket for all of ... [more ]
Sigma Mall 3.0 stars
So I went to watch the much raved about movie at Fun Cinemas – the movie zone in Sigma mall. I went alone, but I’ve been a Batman fan, so didn’t mind that. When I made my way to the 4th floor, they said I had to get my ticket at the Parking ... [more ]
Red Fort 4.0 stars
The first tourist site we visited was the Red Fort in Old Delhi. Once we’d paid and got inside the gate we walked through a dark tunnel of fairy-lit stalls that were full of jewellery, pashminas and general touristy knick-knacks. Stall owners ... [more ]
Golden Temple 5.0 stars
The Golden Temple is a worshipping place for the Sikhs. It is a stunning building built during the same time as the Taj Mahal. Its set in the middle of a beautiful pond surrounded by white walls. Its shines in the morning and glows at night. Its ... [more ]
Gateway of India 3.0 stars
I think the Gateway of India in Bombay (Mumbai) is the most photographed attraction of the city. All the time you see tourists posing in front of it. Well, if I am quite honest, I found the reactions too exaggerated. For me this Gateway is ... [more ]
Auroville 3.0 stars
The easiest and best way to get around the Auroville area (and into Pondicherry central) is on your own two-wheeler. While I was staying at a shack on the Auroville beach, I hired a rundown, outdated mopet for Rs 50 a day. It seemed like a good ... [more ]
Connaught Place 4.0 stars
If you have been traveling around Asia for quite a while and you fancy a quick break from rice and noodles, then CONNAUGHT PLACE, in the centre of town, is perfect for a quick western fix. It has the usual KFC and other fast food establishments ... [more ]
Fort Cochin 5.0 stars
Fort Cochin is the home to some of the oldest European architecture in India and has been a significant settlement ever since Cochin Harbour was discovered. Unlike the bustling Ernakulum, the twin cities of Fort Cochin and Mattancherry have ... [more ]
Mehrangarh Fort 5.0 stars
As I have already said, there is so much to see in India, especially in Rajasthan, that you have to start being a bit selective about what you visit. The MEHRANGARH FORT is one sight I would definitely recommend you go to and further more I ... [more ]
Chandni Chowk 4.0 stars
Chandni Chowk is the ideal place to experience the maddening crowds of Delhi. I wouldn’t have gone if the surprisingly efficient Delhi metro system didn’t take me straight to it. I had been advised to try the chaat and parathas and to generally ... [more ]
Kovalam Beach 4.0 stars
India is not the best destination for surfing. The closest I’ve come to hang ten has been at Kovalam beach. It’s a rickety 13 km auto rickshaw ride from Trivandrum, and not the cleanest of waters to be mucking about in, but the ambiance is ... [more ]
Rishikesh 5.0 stars
The Beatles may have gone there on a spiritual quest, but I went to Rishikesh for the sole purpose of getting a real good river rafting trip. If you haven’t booked in advance, you just have to get to the river and you’ll find many rafting ... [more ]
Cubbon Park 4.0 stars
As the name suggests, Cubbon Park is a relic of the British Raj in India. Having found the plateau climate most favourable, they embraced the land and sowed the seeds of various non-native plants such as the shady Gulmohar trees which are now ... [more ]
Uttarey 5.0 stars
There are plenty of trekking routes, which start from Uttarey, but some of high-altitude treks require special permit, which you can get through authorized travel agency. The most popular routes are Singalila Ridge south to Darjeeling and north ... [more ]
Essel World 4.0 stars
Essel World is a big amusement park in Mumbai, a ferry ride away form the main city at Gorai Island. I had an amazing time there! We had a great selection of rides; I loved the Zyclone, a roller-coaster enjoyed by daredevils and hose out for a ... [more ]
Colva Beach 4.0 stars
Colva Beach, known as the "Queen of Beaches in India", is huge with white sands, coconut palm trees and plenty of sunshine! It's better to go there between October to June, as June to September is the rainy season and there is less sunlight as ... [more ]
Goa Beaches 4.0 stars
Baga is actually an extension of Calangute beach closer to the North of the Goa coast. The white sands of the small fishing beach, its proximity to water sports and touristy seaside comforts tend to attract a fairly large population of visitors ... [more ]
India Gate 3.0 stars
Next we visited India Gate, a memorial arch built in memory of Indian army soldiers who fought for India's independence. Again, many families surrounded this site to the point of it having an almost carnival atmosphere. An impressive structure in ... [more ]
Om Beach 2.0 stars
The next time I was on Om beach it was a weekend, and a horde of local riffraff had most unfortunately found this fairly secluded coast and invaded the waters. This unruly floating mass of humanity had bullied everyone else out of the sea. At ... [more ]
Bengali Market 2.0 stars
Do you want to fall sick - Eat at Bengali Sweet Shop at Bengali Market, New Delhi-110001. A Few Facts: * Ash is used for cleaning utensils AND it remains thereon. * Water is supplied direct from Tap without any RO, even if present it does not ... [more ]
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