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India Bars

3.0 stars

India bar reviews from insiders

Daily Bread 4.0 stars
Café in Bangalore
Deluca has an Italian gelato ice cream counter at the Daily Bread outlets, a good bakery. This time, when passing through, I read a notice for a ‘Chocolate Delight’ sundae. I’d never bothered to check on the Gelato sundaes, since just one scoop ... [more ]
Turquoise Cottage 4.0 stars
Bar in New Delhi
When I was in Delhi last, I was introduced to Turquoise Cottage and then went a few times. It was a basement pub that you reached through a restaurant. It had a classic, warm feel with retro memorabilia on the wall. The first time, we didn’t get ... [more ]
Costa Coffee 5.0 stars
Café in Gurgaon
Costa Coffee--now that was a household name for me, not to mention the number one thing to do on my daily agenda. When I worked in India for 6 months, I went to Costa Coffee just about everyday. It was located right next to my work building, so ... [more ]
Haji Ali Juice Center 5.0 stars
Café in Bombay
It's definitely a landmark in Mumbai with listings in almost every guide book of the city. It's a juice stall on the side of the road that's able to charge Rs. 150/glass and still triumph over its competitors who charge Rs. 10/glass. It enjoys a ... [more ]
Citrus 5.0 stars
Café in Bangalore
In my quest for a reasonable sushi, I came upon the Sunday brunch at Citrus (coffee-shop at The Leela Palace). The bill would come to Rs 2250, so I hummed and hawed a little before the sushi god banished all doubt. It was well worth it. The ... [more ]
German Bakery 5.0 stars
Café in Pushkar
We took a stroll across Pushkar. Suddenly we came upon a completely different Pushkar. A bakery proclaiming itself as the “German Bakery” selling exquisite cinnamon rolls and chocolate fudge cakes. We debated over the title, are bakeries ... [more ]
Le Café D'Art 5.0 stars
French, Café in Hyderabad
Le Café D'Art, staying true to its name, is an artsy French cafe that boasts not only delicious French fare, but also scintillating artwork. It's a coffeehouse inside of an art gallery. It's a great place to enjoy a cup of coffee, buttery ... [more ]
Tabula Rasa 5.0 stars
Bar in New Delhi
Tabula Rasa--definitely an interesting name that invokes curiosity on part of the reader. Latin for "blank slate", Tabula Rasa is a huge restaurant/lounge bar sprawled out on the top floor of one of South Delhi's premier shopping malls, Square ... [more ]
Mynt 5.0 stars
Café in Bangalore
A magazine I was working with sent me to review the Sunday Brunch at Taj West End or I might never have tried it. One expects only the best from a 5-star hotel and this turned out to be a veritable feast at Mynt, the coffee shop. Besides ... [more ]
Lhamo’s Croissant 5.0 stars
Café in Dharamshala
Because Dharamshala attracts people from across the globe, the crowds you see especially around the cultural hub of McLeod Ganj have become multicultural and surprisingly cosmopolitan. Thus, one comes across some of the most interesting cafes, ... [more ]
K.C.Das 4.0 stars
Café in Kolkata (Calcutta)
Maybe it was because artificial colors are not used, and as I had read somewhere, the ‘sweets are steamed and not made on red-hot ovens’. I sat down to look through the menu cardI read nmes like ‘Rossogollas’, ‘Rossomalai’, ‘Misti Dahi’, ... [more ]
Street Sweets 4.0 stars
Café in Kolkata (Calcutta)
The sweet tooth is at home in India. Sugar and ghee flow in oodles and usually in proportions too generous, but the concoctions are invariably unique. Personally, I prefer the subtler flavoured, less saccharine delicacies from Bengal and one of ... [more ]
Tavern 4.0 stars
Bar in Bangalore
As the name suggests they’ve tried to imbibe inspiration for the English tavern, except that it’s very much a place where cosmopolitan residents of Bangalore hangout. A couple of old English drink posters give ambiance with the pretty bar and ... [more ]
Fresco's 4.0 stars
Café in Bangalore
A pretty European café-type restaurant with outdoor seating, wooden benches and umbrellas and rightly hidden from the noisy street. Frescos is a pleasant place to hangout for a bruschetta and beer and conversation. I wouldn’t recommend it for a ... [more ]
Nirula's 4.0 stars
Café in New Delhi
…has become a trademark in the city and for good reason. Nirula’s has rich ice creams and they serve their sundaes with full-bodied topping sauces. If it’s not too often, every time I go there, there’s an original new flavour and ice cream sundae ... [more ]
KC Das 4.0 stars
Café in Bangalore
The only Indian sweets that I can really warm up to come from Bengal. Bengali sweets have the exact balance of sweetness and flavour that my palate appreciates. The taste isn’t overpowering but subtle and the sweetness is mild compared to the ... [more ]
Corner House 4.0 stars
Café in Bangalore
Corner House is about the best place to get ice cream sundaes in Bangalore. The modest shop has been around for years and I know almost all their sundaes like the 2-times-table. Initially, the Hot Chocolate Fudge was a favourite, but then I ... [more ]
India Coffee House 3.0 stars
Café in Bangalore
Walking into this unassuming coffee shop is like stepping into a time machine in the middle of cosmopolitan Bangalore. Neither the décor nor the service has changed in years and its quaint nostalgic charm is probably what makes the arty folk ... [more ]
Lizard Lounge 3.0 stars
Bar in New Delhi
A fellow musician guitarist I had befriended in Delhi was showing me around the city. This evening, it was going to be the Lizard Lounge. I tend to be averse to trendy pubs where women in skirts pretend to know how to smoke cigarettes, but once I ... [more ]
Glo 3.0 stars
Bar in New Delhi
We were in the Metropolitan Nikko Hotel for sushi at the award-winning Sakura restaurant. Looking for cocktails and aimless prattle afterward, we stumbled upon GLO Lounge and Bar. I was pleased by the illuminating decor and high quality of ... [more ]
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