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Indonesia Restaurants

4.0 stars

Top Restaurants in Indonesia

Queen's Tandoor 4.0 stars
Indian, Restaurant in Kuta
I came to this place for a zillion times. I know how bad is this restaurant discrimination against the local, but all this time I still can handle it, since I know they hired uneducated staffs mostly. but this time is the worst I ever ... [more ]
Hard Rock Cafe 4.0 stars
North American, Restaurant in Jakarta
The hard rock café in Jakarta is well known as a meeting place, but it does have a lot more to offer. Namely a good menu, very good service and the unique hard rock experience. During my last visit to Jakarta, I got there quite early and ordered ... [more ]
RM Minang Raya - Restaurant 5.0 stars
Asian, Restaurant in Balikpapan
Most well known specialty from the Sumatran people is the famous Nasi Padang; throughout Indonesia you can always find the restaurants either in big scale or smaller scale; in fact, overseas, there are quite a few restaurants offering Nasi Padang ... [more ]
Sate Baruna 5.0 stars
Local, Restaurant in Balikpapan
Satay is one amongst the so many well known Indonesian dishes. Grilled on charcoal, the dripping mixture of oil, spices, and fat from either chicken, beef, goat, or whatever placed on the bamboo skewers would produce such a lovely aroma that ... [more ]
Zula 5.0 stars
Local, Restaurant in Kuta
Zula is an organic vegetarian and vegan restaurant and health food store together located on Jl. Dyana Pura, bit outside the centre of Kuta. We took a nice walk along the beach and watched the sun to set on our way to Zula, it is about 30minutes ... [more ]
Gateway Of India 5.0 stars
Indian, Restaurant in Kuta
As an Indian food fanatic I was first bit dissapointed how few Indian restaurants there was around Indonesia but in Kuta, Bali I found one the best Indian places I've been to if not the best. Gateway of India (Jl. Pantai Kuta 11) was a blessing ... [more ]
Ampera 5.0 stars
Local, Restaurant in Bandung
This is basically a Sundanese restaurant (Sunda is the local ethnic group in Bandung), but with a more modern feel. Ampera is one of the most famous Sundanese food franchise chain in Bandung, and certainly is my favorite. There are several ... [more ]
Kampung Daun Culture Gallery & Café 5.0 stars
European, Restaurant in Bandung
A total heaven! I highly, highly, highly (yup, that’s three) recommend you to go here. This place is just so SURREAL that nobody can afford losing a chance to have dinner at this place. Okay, the food is not amazing, but then everybody should ... [more ]
Tambora Restoran 5.0 stars
Asian, Restaurant in Balikpapan
We went to try this restaurant for the first time on my father’s birthday. We had a huge family gathering, party of 30s, and all of us ordered the house special menu which was crabs! All sorts of cooking styles with crab as main ingredient were ... [more ]
cafe Batavia 5.0 stars
Steaks, Restaurant in Jakarta
The Cafe Batavia is one the most historical buildings in Jakarta, and is something of a 'must see' for visitors. Following the restoration in1993, this old Dutch warehouse, office building and one time residence, the restaurant and bar is ... [more ]
Bakso Anda 5.0 stars
Italian, Restaurant in Balikpapan
Big yum yum! I love Indonesian beef ball and noodle soup called Bakso. Almost similar to Vietnamese beef and noodle soup called Pho. It is served in a bowl, with rice vermicelli (sometimes white sometimes very light blue-cellophane/glass ... [more ]
Lombok Raya Hotel Restaurant 5.0 stars
Asian, Restaurant in Mataram
As I mentioned in my previous reviews that I have stayed at Lombok Raya Hotel for twice already, I actually had been to the hotel for 4 times so far; twice when my family stayed there, twice for being invited for dinner(s). When my husband and I ... [more ]
Dirgahayu Restaurant 4.0 stars
Asian, Restaurant in Lombok
We only dined once at Dirgahayu restaurant but it was quite nice. This restaurant offers authentic meals from Lombok. Located at Cilinaya Mataram Street, our hotel, Lombok Raya Hotel, was conveniently located across the street, so the restaurant ... [more ]
Kafe 4.0 stars
Asian, Restaurant in Ubud
I went to Kafe in Ubud in order to enjoy their burgers as they looked very enticing indeed. However that was not all that this rather cute establishment had on offer. Indeed, the menu had plenty of tasty offerings including salads and filled ... [more ]
Bombay Blue 4.0 stars
Indian, Restaurant in Jakarta
Bombay Blue was the place I was headed to. Where else would I be able to enjoy both Chinese and Indian cuisine whilst in Jakarta? Well this was a very clever combination and I ordered a selection of dishes including Indian Chicken Korma Curry, ... [more ]
Pesto Cafe 4.0 stars
Asian, Restaurant in Ubud
Pesto Café is situated on a hillside near to Ubud in Bali and it was a place that I had been recommended to go to especially for traditional Indonesian food. When I got there I found that the restaurant was of a very modern design, and it was ... [more ]
Stadium Cafe 4.0 stars
Fast Food, Restaurant in Kuta
Set in Kuta Square The Stadium Café was a great place to grab a good sized meal and at the same time watch some live sporting events. It was aptly named because the focus was certainly on making you feel that you were part of the crowd at a ... [more ]
Kafe Pisa 4.0 stars
Italian, Restaurant in Tangerang
Kafe Pisa is a bar / restaurant / ice-cream shop that I love so much that I just hung out during my stay in Jakarta. You’ll meet people from everywhere and get great fusion food there. You can also order some Indonesian food as well. In the ... [more ]
dong dong 4.0 stars
Restaurant in Kuta
Dong Dong is a Japanese Restaurant that can be found in Bali’s Jalan Raya Kuta and I was there to sample the sashimi and sushi. However the menu was very much more extensive with a great many Japanese dishes encompassing all styles of the ... [more ]
Buddha's Belly 4.0 stars
Asian, Restaurant in Kuta
It was a fusion restaurant of a strange sort. Indeed the combination was Asian food and Billiards! The Buddha’s Belly managed to articulate this clever feat by ensuring that their carefully designed establishment offered both a perfect place to ... [more ]
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