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Larache Travel Tips

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Insider advice for your Larache vacation

Going to Larache 1 stars
My boyfriend is from Morocco so he look me to his home town of Larche to meet his family for a holiday, I had been to Morocco when I was a child but didn't really remember it so I was quite excited. We arrived and greeted the family, none of which spoke English so it made me less nervous. They were really welcoming and didn't let me do anything, even when my suntan cream exploded I wasn't allowed to clear it up, they had a maid for that, I did try and clean it up myself but they wouldn't have any of it! Every 2 hours a huge meal was cooked and because I always finish everything on my plate, it was immediately refilled - I didn't realise that not leaving anything is a silent request for more, so every meal I was so full it hurt so much and my boyfriend was actually making himself sick cos it hurt so much! In the end we had to stay out the house all day from after beakfast so they wouldn't make us eat so much! The people in the town stared at me so much and it made me feel so uncomfortable, even 3yr old kids would just stop and stare, it really was awful, but there were no other tourists there so I stuck out like a sore thumb! They stared even more when I went to the beach, really I guess I should have gone swimming in my clothes or something! All the people tried to rip us off as the local people didn't realise that my boyfriend was Moroccan and it shocked them when he spoke their language. I had my mobile phone stolen too. There was a beautiful beach near by that was totally deserted so that was nice, and a lovely, slightly scary cliff walk. The bars don't have ladies toilets as women generally don't go there so that was weird so they probably thought I was some kind of prostitute or something. I really didn't enjoy my time in Larache, I found it pretty harsh and I hate being the central focus of anywhere and in that town that's what I was


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