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Las Galeras Travel Tips

5.0 stars

Insider advice for your Las Galeras vacation

Las Galeras- Best spot in DR 5 stars
Las Galeras is one of the last little fishing villages not overrun with expats and tourists. Don't get me wrong, there are a few of them, and that is actually a good thing- it provides enough amenities that you can spend a week in this tiny little town and just enjoy the sun and surf.
I had heard from Americans working the DR that this, along with the mythical "Playa Rincon" to the west, this town was THE place to go to see unspoiled Dominican beaches and crystal blue waters.
It lies at the end of a road connecting it to Samana, the bay where whales, along with cruise ships apparently, come to spawn. Las Galeras, however, is just far enough away....
The town is small, and runs along the road, with two supermarkets, a few restaurants, and a pair of internet cafes. It's the kind of place were you can eat fish you watch pulled from the sea in a hut on the beach for only a few dollars. Last I checked, that's what it says under "Paradise" in the dictionary.


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