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Las Palmas Travel Tips

4.0 stars

Insider advice for your Las Palmas vacation , Teneriffa

Bustling in the Cultural Diversity of Las Palmas City 4 stars
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The mere mention of Gran Canaria Island always ignites my memories of the Island’s capital, the amazing Las Palmas. This is because the strategic position of the Las Palmas within the Canary Islands places Europe within a striking distance of both Africa and Asia, effectively qualifying it as a nexus for the three continents. I was excited by the city’s unique mix of diverse cultures of different continents but also by the city’s unique display Castilian features that are characteristic of Spain’s rich cultural heritage. I have always arrived in Las Palmas in time for the San Juan cultural feasts and the carnival moods that rock the city always leave lasting impressions in me. I have never stopped to marvel at breathtaking scenery along the city’s shoreline created by the merging effects and overlapping combination of three different beaches –the Las Canteras, Charco Las Palomas and San Cristobal - and their respective bays. Beach and water sports have always been my favorite activities and I must confess I usually spend my entire stay at Las Palmas along the shores where there are world class entertainment and accommodation facilities. However, for any visitor interested in other forms of entertainment, there are numerous attractions including marine parks, castillian era buildings, ancient churches and museums spread throughout the city and the entire Gran Canaria Island. Although the outskirt of the city is beautiful and inviting to the eyes, I found its landscape to be just too hilly and rugged for a walking or biking adventure.


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