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La Vegueta Travel Tips

4.0 stars

Insider advice for your La Vegueta vacation , Lanzarote

The Amazing Medieval Conservations in the District of Vegueta 4 stars
My random decision to tour Las Palmas’ District of Vegueta did not end up being a disappointment because the city’s oldest district had a lot of amazing discoveries to offer. My tour was particularly motivated by the knowledge that the old town is a UNESCO recognized world heritage site but also by a fellow tourist who commented positively about the high concentration of historical attractions in the district. Indeed, during my detailed tour around the District of Vegueta. I visited Canario Museum, Central Atlantic Museum of Modern Art, Colon Museum and the ancient Santa Ana Cathedral. The dominant Castilian architecture that graces Vegueta creates a classical atmosphere that is simply unrivaled. The roads are good and in fact, I accessed most of the old district by foot. One thing I always appreciate about the Canary Islands is the average sunny and warm weather that characterizes the different cities and districts of the archipelago throughout the year.


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