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Ireland Travel Tips

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Insider advice for your Ireland vacation

Extremely cheap Ryanair flights! 5 stars
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I have flown with Ryanair quite a few times now and have always managed to get cheap return flights for about £30 (40 euro) including taxes and expenses but it seems to be even cheaper at the moment so don't miss out!


The Ginger Tree - Belfast 1 stars
The Ginger Tree is a modern Japanese restaurant that specializes in sushi and other very fine Japanese dishes. The chef of this restaurant is a Japanese man who is specially trained in Japanese cooking and foods. The chef works hard to make sure each guest has a true Japanese dining experience by preparing and serving authentic dishes.

There is also a bar available for the guests inside of the Ginger Tree. Guests are welcomed to sit at the bar and have a drink with their friends and family while they are awaiting their table at the Ginger Tree. There is a wide selection of beers, wines, and more inside the bar. One of the most popular drinks in the bar is the warm Japanese Saki.

The restaurant is beautifully decorated with Japanese art and décor. The guests really have the feel for being in Japan when dining inside the Ginger Tree. Although, most of the waiters are not oriental, they are trained to treat each guest as if there were Japanese. They are all well trained in the Japanese culture and cuisine.

In addition to their fine Japanese dishes, they also offer various types of sushi. Sushi is native to Japan and is a favorite among many. Many guests will come to The Ginger Tree for their favorite sushi and a cocktail.

All plates are serves with the freshest meats and Japanese vegetable. Teriyaki is one of the most widely used sauces in most plates. Therefore, the Japanese cuisine is always very authentic.


Bishops 1 stars
Bishops is a quality fast food restaurant located in Belfast that has something for everyone. Their main specialty is their seafood. Bishops serves only the freshest fish with a heaping serving of chips. Swordfish and cod are among their two most popular fish dishes. All seafood dishes are also served with a choice of peas or beans.

In addition to tasty seafood, Bishops also has one of the best cheeseburgers in Belfast. There are seven unique burgers on their menu. All burgers are made fresh with 100% quarter pound prime beef. One of their most popular burgers is the coleslaw burger. This burger is a burger with coleslaw on the burger. All burgers are served on a sesame seed bun with chips and a salad.

There are also several chicken dishes and sandwiches available. The chicken is specially prepared with a secret batter that makes the chicken absolutely delicious. All chicken dishes and sandwiches are served with fresh cut chips.

A very delicious vegetarian menu which includes vegetable lasagna and quiche is also available.

The décor at Bishops is very unique. There is a collection of antique furniture and ornaments around the restaurant. Guest can relax in a traditional ambiance while their food is prepared on marble open fires.

Bishops is a very classy fast food restaurant that is reasonably priced. Guest love to come in with their friends and family for a great meal in a clean and neatly decorated restaurant. Bishops has quality food, fast service, and all for a very affordable price.


The Wrap Works - Belfast 1 stars
Wrap Works in Belfast is a Mexican wrap restaurant. With a true Mexican flair, Wrap works serves many different dishes. The Mexican wraps are the favorite among many guests. However, guests also enjoy the fajitas and fully stuffed burritos.

All of the traditional Mexican dishes at Wrap Works are created with the freshest ingredients and all dishes are made to order. Guests can chose to have their food selection serves hot and spicy or they can choose to have it served mild and sweet. No matter how the food is served, it is always served with quality, dependable service.

In addition to all of the beef and chicken selections, there is also a very good vegetarian selection. All vegetarian dishes are served with beans and rice. Additional tortillas are also available.

Wrap Works is a small restaurant. It only seats about 35 people. Although it is small in size, it is very big in taste. The restaurant can become full on the weekends and a wait may be required for a table. However, it is always worth the wait. Guests also have the option of home delivery.

The Wrap Works also has a delicious lunch menu. Guests can enjoy a salad or a sandwich while relaxing in a Mexican atmosphere. Lunch delivery is also available.

Drinks are also a specialty at the Wrap Works. In addition to soft drinks, there is also a large selection of juices and smoothies. The drinks are always cool and refreshing. The juices and smoothies are made with fresh fruit. There is a drink for every taste.


The Red Panda 1 stars
The Red Panda is a popular Chinese restaurant located in Belfast. Many guests will agree that the Red Panda is more than just another Chinese restaurant. It is a very elegant Chinese dining experience that offers a large selection of traditional Chinese dishes mixes with superior service.

The décor of the restaurant is of traditional Chinese. It is very elegant and clean. However, it is the presentation that makes Chinese food unique; and at the Red Panda, presentation is everything. The dishes are carefully prepared not only to be appetizing to the stomach, but also to be appetizing and pleasing to the eyes. The color, the aroma, and the flavor of the food are all very important qualities of each individual Chinese dish. The dishes not only satisfy the tongue, they also satisfy the nose, the eyes and the imagination.

Many Chinese people today believe that the aroma (the smell) of the food is what appeals most to the appetite. Therefore, at the Red Panda the aroma of each dish is carefully presented so that the customer is eager to eat the food at the first smell. Some of the ingredients that create a fine aroma are ginger and garlic. Chili pepper can also add a nice aroma to any dish.

In addition to fine dishes, the Red Panda also has a nice selection of wines to choose. There are traditional wines and Chinese wines. There is also a special Christmas menu, a great lunch menu and a vegetarian menu. There is something for everyone at the Red Panda Restaurant in Belfast.


The Ashoka - Belfast 1 stars
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The Ashoka Restaurant is one of Belfast’s popular Indian Restaurants. Guests of Ashoka enjoy very fine Indian cuisine that is made from many different traditional Indian recipes. The dishes are freshly prepared with the finest spices and other ingredients. The dishes can be prepared mild or hot depending on the guest’s preference. Many Indian dishes are traditionally hot, so it is always good to ask about the spice level of each dish.

The atmosphere in Ashoka is casual. It is a favorite restaurant among many business professionals. Each day, many people come to enjoy a good Indian lunch away from the hustle of the office or workplace. The restaurant is decorated in traditional Indian décor.

The service at the Ashoka is of the highest quality. Each one of the waiters takes the time to make sure that each guest has a truly unique Indian dining experience. The service is always very welcoming, courteous, and timely.

In addition to fine Indian cuisine, The Ashoka also has a selection of traditional European dishes that feature steak or chicken. There are also a few seafood dishes that are very delicious. The European dishes, like the Indian dishes, are made with the freshest ingredients and are served with quality service.

One thing that many guests enjoy in Ashoka is the portions. When their food is served, there is plenty of food on the plate. It is a nice dinner for a reasonable price. Most guests are truly satisfied with the food and service at the Ashoka Restaurant.


John Hewitt - Belfast 1 stars
The John Hewitt Restaurant is a well known and popular restaurant; not only for its great food, but also for its live entertainment. It is a place to socialize over a delicious meal; and it is also a great place for artistic and cultural expression. It portrays an atmosphere of a gathering place where friends and family can come together for some engaging and interesting conversation. It is a place for both food and fun.

The John Hewitt Restaurant is named after the famous John Hewitt who was a well known poet from Northern Ireland. It is because of this that many authors and poets enjoying coming to this living restaurant to eat and chat with friends about poetry and other great works of literature. The John Hewitt Restaurant is a place where true literary and artistic talent can be demonstrated and shared with others.

In addition to an artistic and cultural atmosphere with great tasting food, The John Hewitt Restaurant also has a large selection of beers and wines. There are beers from Ireland and other parts of the world. The wine is only of the highest quality. Sharing one’s literary and artistic talent over a glass of fine wine is a perfect ending to a long day.

The John Hewitt Restaurant is a nice place to dine and wine. Many of the locals frequent this restaurant because of the great food and friendly atmosphere. It is a very clean and comfortable place to discuss a literary classic while eating some of the best food in Belfast.


The Spice Club - Belfast 1 stars
The Spice Club is a fine Indian restaurant located inside the Ramada Inn in Belfast, Ireland. It is very elegant and enchanting with its authentic Indian décor and atmosphere.

The food at the Spice club is authentic Indian cuisine made with a mixture of the finest spices and prepared with a unique way of cooking which is an art form that was handed down through the generations. The dishes range from very mild to very extreme. So, no matter if the guests are seeking a mild Indian dining experience or a very hot Indian dining experience, they are sure have a dining experience that will not soon be forgotten.

The Spice Club chefs are the best in the business. They are specially trained in preparing authentic Indian dishes from near and afar. They know how to specially blend the spices together to make each individual plate just right. All dishes are freshly prepared and are always presented with the highest quality service available.

The restaurant is located inside of the Ramada Inn and is just as beautifully decorated as the hotel. The walls are laced with Indian art and décor so that the guests have a feeling of being in India while dining. It is a relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere that is great for friends or family. Both hotel and non-hotel guest are always welcomed to come into the Spice Club.

The Spice Club is Belfast’s premiere Indian dining experience. No matter if it is mild or if it is hot, the food will please any palate.


Mourne Seafood Bar 1 stars
Mourne Seafood Bar is Belfast’s premiere seafood restaurant. It is a restaurant that serves the finest seafood in Belfast at a very reasonable and affordable price. It is very popular, not only with the locals, but all the Belfast visitors as well.

The menu at Mourne Seafood Bar is very large. Two of their most popular plates are the lobster and the fresh fish. Everyday, a different special is offered to the guests; so there is always something different each day of the week.

One of the things that make Mourne Seafood Bar popular is that they offer many plates that are not common in many seafood restaurants. For example, Gurnard is a popular selection. It is a type of seafood that is typically not offered in most seafood restaurants. So, this allows the guest to have a very unique seafood dining experience at Mourne Seafood Bar.

Another unique feature about this restaurant is that they grow their own shellfish in a nearby farm. This means that the seafood is always the freshest quality available.

Mourne Seafood Bar also has other plates for those guests who do not want seafood. These plates include steak and chicken. There are also a few very delicious vegetarian plates available also. They are all of the same high quality as the seafood. Therefore, no matter what the guest choose, they will always be served the finest meats with very high quality service and prices.

Mourne Seafood Bar is Belfast’s premiere seafood restaurant. It is a seafood dining experience like one has never experienced before.


Pizza Express 1 stars
Pizza Express is one of Belfast’s finest pizzerias. It is an elegant and stylish restaurant serving the finest pizzas in Belfast. It is very spacious with three floors. There is a lounge and a dining room on the first floor; and there are dining areas also on the second and third floors of this beautiful building. In addition, there is a private dining area for those guests who would like to have a quiet, private dinner. Guest can enjoy a pre-dinner drink in the lounge before going to the dining area for their main meal.

It is conveniently located near the opera house, the concert hall, and the cinema complex. Therefore, visitors can enjoy pizza and afterwards they can continue their evening with a concert or a movie. Pizza Express is very popular for people seeking a quick, delicious dinner before a movie.

Each one of the pizzas is specially prepared by a dough-tossing chef and baked in an open plan kitchen just like they are prepared in Italy. All of the pizzas are made fresh. They are guaranteed to be the freshest pizza the guest has ever eaten. In addition to fine and delicious pizzas, there is also a large selection of mouthwatering pasta dishes and salads.

Pizza Express is one of Belfast’s leaders in delicious pizzas, pastas, and salads.
All of the pizzas, pastas, and salads are reasonably priced. Pizza Express offers a great Italian dining experience at a price that will make everyone come back for seconds. It is a great place to gather with friends and family members for an unforgettable time.


Chez Delbert Frogities 1 stars
Chez Delbart Frogities is a popular French cuisine restaurant located in Belfast, Ireland. It is best known for its sweet and delicious pastries and crêtes. In addition, it is also well-known for its pepper steak and escargot. It is a popular restaurant with students, many different journalists, and various forms of artists. However, people from all walks of life enjoy the fine cuisine and elegant dining experience that they receive in Chez Delbart Frogities. Many of the local people will refer to this restaurant as “Froggies” because of the similarity of its name.

The décor of the restaurant is very elegant and very French. An Eiffel Tower motif decorates the front part of the restaurant outside to greet guest as they arrive; and when guest enter the restaurant, they immediately get a feel for the French culture because of the French décor inside.

Chez Delbart Frogities is conveniently located near many other restaurants, attractions, bars, and night clubs. So, after enjoying a delicious and relaxing dinner at Chez Delbart Frogities, guest can stroll over to area attractions or night clubs to add more excitement to their night.

Many forms of payment are accepted in Chez Delbart Frogities. Cash is the most preferred method of payment, but major credit cards such as Visa and MasterCard are also accepted.

This is a very unique and fun restaurant for visitors who are seeking to experience French food and culture without leaving Belfast. Many people come for the pastries and end up staying for the main meal at Chez Delbart Frogities.


Overview 4 stars
Ireland has got a reputation as a Guiness swiggin, beer guzzling, rowdy nation. But there is so much more to it than that. The capital, Dublin, is a great place to start. It is lively and fun with lots of tourist attractions for all types of people. I recommend the jail, the Jameson Whisky distillery and the Dublinia exhibition as well as a few drinks or a bit to eat in the trendy Temple Bar area. Next stop Cork, with it's beautiful countryside and stunning beaches, Cork is tipped as the next French Riviera (pity about the weather). Drive up the west side of Ireland and take in some stunning scenery. Visit avoca (where Ballykissangel was filmed) and take in the beaches in Donegal (a popular holiday spot for many natives).


Nightlife in Ireland 1 stars
I havent been to Ireland for years the last time I went I was a little girl and I only remember a few vague things-Giants Causeway, Cork and Belfast. I gather there are sone fabulous coast lines too. Can anyone make some recommendations where I ought to go when I return? Any secret places that shouldn't be missed?


The Burren 5 stars
The Burren is an amazing section of western Ireland in County Clare, that is covered with rock, and little soil, but contains some of the most diverse array of plant life on the planet! The Burren is an amazing area, and there is much to see. There are many portal dolmens scattered about, with the most famous being Poulnabrone.
When Poulnabrone was discovered, they found the bones of a baby, six children and about 20 adults. Also found was a stone axe, a couple of polished beads, and several other trinkets. The grave is quite old, and it is unimagineable how the ancient people were able to construct it.
As you drive through the rest of the burren, take notice of the differences in the layers of rock. If you have time, visit The Ailwee Caves - we didn't have time, but I hear they are well worth the visit!


Ring of Kerry 5 stars
The Ring of Kerry is an amazing drive in Southwestern Ireland. You start out in Killarney, and follow the signs around the Kerry Peninsula - easy enough any time of year but the main tourist season - June thru September. During this period, it is difficult to get around, as there are Tour Buses EVERYWHERE. My advice - go to Ireland in March. The weather is way better than in the States; it was sunny the whole time we were there. We were able to do the whole Ring of Kerry, with tons of stops to see Ring Forts, views and stop for lunch in three hours. I've heard of it taking a whole day, because the traffic is atrocious! The views are worth it, and I highly recommend this very popular area of Ireland, but be careful of the time of year you choose!


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