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Ireland Attractions

3.0 stars
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National Museum of Ireland 4.0 stars
I didn’t really want to visit this gallery at first, but was convinced by my boyfriend who had heard it was great. We got there and didn’t have to pay any entrance fee. The staff was very nice and sociable and they always wanted to help us by ... [more ]
Trinity College 5.0 stars
As an English major, I was visiting Trinity College to see the Book of Kells and the Long Room. Both are in the Old Library at Trinity College. There are signs around that will help direct you. Trinity College of Dublin is the city's oldest ... [more ]
Dublin Castle 4.0 stars
We visited the Dublin Castle on our first visit to Dublin. I liked it a lot, because I always enjoy visiting castles and this one is lovely. It has unique decorations and the rooms are very interestingly furnished . The tour guide was very ... [more ]
Guinness Store House 4.0 stars
We visited the Guiness Storehouse, knowing that it’s considered the main visitor attraction in Ireland. Fortunately we had bought the Dublin Pass, because otherwise, it would have cost about 14 Euros to get in and personally, I find it too ... [more ]
St. Patricks Cathedral 4.0 stars
I couldn't leave Dublin without seeing Saint Patrick's Cathedral. Dublin is unique in having two cathedrals in one city; St. Patrick's is the larger of the two. It only cost €4.20 for me as a student but it's €5.50 for adults. I definitely ... [more ]
Grafton Street 5.0 stars
Grafton Street is probably one of Dublin’s most high-end shopping centers, filled with designers and jewelers. Besides shopping, you will find plenty of trendy bars and cafes. I thoroughly enjoyed exploring this area, but honestly didn’t ... [more ]
Christ Church Cathedral 4.0 stars
Christ Church Cathedral is not in the center of Dublin, but it is easy to get to on foot as long as you have a map and no luggage to carry. For adults it's €6 and for students/concession it's €4. It's open for visitors from 9.00am - ... [more ]
Phoenix Park 4.0 stars
This is a great place to go to escape the hustle and bustle of Dublin. It is the largest park in Europe and is just beautiful. The Papal Cross is worth a photo. I caught the hop-on-hop-off bus here, and ate my lunch on the glorious green fields. ... [more ]
Guinnes Brewery 3.0 stars
The actual tour of the Guinness Brewery is kind of corny and reminded me of one of the less-awesome Disney world rides that isn't really a ride but more of a "walk through." It was fine... I liked the part about the coopers... that was ... [more ]
Cliffs of Moher 4.0 stars
The Cliffs of Moher are absolutely beautiful. We went with a tour group and had amazing weather. It was close to 30 degrees and the water was a magic blue colour. There were lots of people but there was plenty of room to get some great photos. ... [more ]
Merrion Square 5.0 stars
I found Merrion Square to be quite a pleasant park. Merrion is located by the parliament and national gallery. Like St. Stephen’s Green Park, this is a great place to relax or have a picnic lunch. I don’t really feel it deserves a special ... [more ]
Ha'penny Bridge 4.0 stars
The official name of this bridge is Wellington Bridge but the locals all call it Ha'penny Bridge. It used to cost a ha'penny to cross and that's why the locals call it that. It's a great spot to take photos from in the evening. It is one of the ... [more ]
St. Stephen's Green 4.0 stars
I don't know how much Irish Literature everyone has read, but St Stephens Green plays a very prominent part in a lot of books set in Dublin (if they're written by true Irish people that is!) St Stephens Green is a beautiful park set right in ... [more ]
Kilmainham Gaol 5.0 stars
When I saw the Kilmainham Gaol prison I experienced the feeling of non-reality. I always thought that such kind of morbid building only existed in movies. The gloomiest thing about this jail that now acts as a museum is its interior which homes a ... [more ]
Blarney Castle 5.0 stars
There seems to be many stories surrounding the Blarney Stone, but my favourite is that it gives kissers the gift of the gab. It seems to me that all the Irish folk must have kissed this stone at some stage. This castle was 100% worth the visit. ... [more ]
O' Connell's Street 5.0 stars
If you don’t know where is the O’Connell Street in Dublin you will still probably run into it by accident, since every bus is passing through this other center of Dublin. O’Connell Street is considered to be the widest street in Europe and I ... [more ]
Abbey Theatre 4.0 stars
Next week will mark the 203rd birthday of Ireland's national theatre, The Abbey. Founded in 1904 (December 27th, to be exact), The Abbey had some of Ireland's greatest names behind it from its inception, including founding members Lady Gregory ... [more ]
Spanish Arch 4.0 stars
When you say Galway you say Spanish Arch. Every tourist has to go on the banks of river Corrib to see the Arch and the remains of the famous city walls. In fact the name Spanish Arch has no practical foundation, because there is no proven ... [more ]
St Mary's Pro-Cathedral 3.0 stars
PRO means that it is an “acting cathedral” or non-official cathedral because the pope didn’t denominate it so. St Mary's doesn’t have an impressive architecture like the other two Churches of Ireland (Christ Church and St Patrick’s Church). Also, ... [more ]
Dunguaire Castle 5.0 stars
To see the Dunguaire Castle you have to take a ride on the shores of Galway Bay, a little town near the sea. Also, you can visit it either in the day light or lately at night to enjoy a medieval banquet entertaining with medieval décor and modern ... [more ]
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