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Ireland Bars

3.0 stars

Ireland bar reviews from insiders

Temple Bar 4.0 stars
Bar in Dublin
Temple Bar region is compulsory for all tourists in Dublin. Despite its reputation as 'too touristy', there are still plenty of cool bars to visit. We had a great couple of nights out there, although my bank balance took a rather large dent. Like ... [more ]
The Brazen Head 5.0 stars
Irish, Bar in Dublin
We headed to the Brazen Head, reportedly Dublin's oldest pub, on a Friday night and we found it packed. There are a number of rooms that are connected by hallways as well as a patio area. Even though it was chilly outside, the patio was full ... [more ]
Guinness Storehouse 4.0 stars
Bar in Dublin
I was a little bit disappointed with the Guiness Storehouse. I had heard so may rave reviews that it struggled to live up to its reputation. It is true, however, that the views from the Gravity Bar are the best in Dublin (where Guiness does taste ... [more ]
O'Shea's Hotel & Bar 4.0 stars
Irish, Bar in Dublin
This bar is ideally situated in the 'hostel quarter' of Dublin. It is not a fantastic bar but does have some ok bands and a friendly atmosphere. It isn't as authentic as some of the other local drinking holes, but it is very convenient for those ... [more ]
Matt Molloy´s Pub 4.0 stars
Bar in Westport
This pub is great craic and a great pint of guinness... [more ]
Sin é 4.0 stars
Bar in Cork
It pronounces ‘shin aye’ and everybody there says this is the only REAL Irish pub in the city. Don’t know much about it but at least I can say it has great traditional music sessions. Sometimes the musicians let one or two clients join the band, ... [more ]
An Brog 4.0 stars
Bar in Cork
Situated at the top of Oliver Plunket Street this Cork favorite is one of the many late bars in Cork that acts as an alternative to the horrendous Cork nightclubs. Gauranted to be packed out at weekends this large place attracts an international ... [more ]
Eamonn Dorans 5.0 stars
Irish, Bar in Dublin
OK, so it doesn't help that you've downed four double whiskeys in lieu of a friend you haven't met for six months, but if you're going to wait, Eamonn Dorans is a great place for a stake out. For a start, there's a large covered and uncovered ... [more ]
Cottage Bar 5.0 stars
Bar in Galway
If you ever go to Galway then I recommend you should go to the Cottage Bar near Salthill only at the end of your trip, because once you are there you’ll definitely refuse to go anywhere else. We did the mistake to make the first stop at the ... [more ]
An Pucan 5.0 stars
Bar in Galway
This was by far the best place we went to in Galway. The beer prices were good and the old guy playing Irish tunes and popular classics was great. The place was packed with locals – always a good sign – and people were dancing and signing like ... [more ]
Hairy Lemon 4.0 stars
Bar in Dublin
Yes, it is an interesting name, and it’s also and interesting bar. You’ll see tons of memorablia hanging from the walls of this “sports” pub, along with large screen tv’s, but overall it has a dark atmosphere. We visited on a weekend night, and ... [more ]
Lafayttes Brasserie 4.0 stars
Local, Café in Cork
Flabbergasted and exasperated from queuing at the passport office across the street, I took refuge for lunch in Lafayttes Brasserie at the Imperial Hotel, Cork. The down-to-earth menu of sandwiches, soups and 'today's specials' - all with a ... [more ]
Courtyard Cafe 4.0 stars
Café in Clonakilty
There is certainly something welcoming and cosy about the Courtyard Cafe in Clonakilty. First of all the staff are very friendly and second of all the decor, with it's rustic walls,open fireplace and tucked away seating makes you feel you could ... [more ]
The Quays 4.0 stars
Bar in Galway
The Quays is a classic Galway pub, with tourists and locals mingling. Prices were fairly decent and we had a good chat with some locals. It wasn’t my favourite spot to head out to in Galway, but I’d probably pop in again for a beer if I went back. [more ]
Tig Cóilí 4.0 stars
Bar in Galway
This is a great little pub with plenty of local musicians strumming away. Tourists come here, but there is a large contingent of locals too. The bar staff are fairly nice, and it’s not too hard to get some service. Someone will undoubtedly put on ... [more ]
Hayden's Hotel 3.0 stars
Bar in Galway
The food menu here was fairly average, and a bit over-priced. But while we were only there for lunch the main bar had a great feel to it and I can imagine settling in there of an evening. The staff were friendly and the place was clean and spacious. [more ]
Taafes 3.0 stars
Bar in Galway
Taaffes Bar is a great place to go if you’re looking for a crowded nightspot. Plenty of tourists, and even some locals filled the place. Good, loud music, and plenty of friendly locals. Fairly hard to get to the bar, and you’d want to get in ... [more ]
The Randy Leprachaun 3.0 stars
Bar in Dingle
The best thing about this little bar was that you can be pretty much guaranteed that the same locals will be there every night. The second best thing is the food. I had the most amazing burger and a fantastic apple pie dessert. The third best ... [more ]
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