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Leganés Travel Tips

5.0 stars

Insider advice for your Leganés vacation

Dancing and bar hoping all night long in Leganes Township 5 stars
Having discovered the festive and adventurous life that characterizes the outskirt townships of Madrid City, I have always insisted on taking accommodation on the city’s outskirts even in the company of friends or relatives whenever I visit Madrid. I visited Leganes in the company of my current husband when we were still dating and our experience was truly electrifying and memorable. We were attending the graduation ceremony of a close friend at the Carlos III University and believe it or not, we spent the entire graduation night partying and hoping from bar to bar and restaurant to restaurant. I was completely amazed at the abundance of night clubs, cafes and restaurants in the relatively serene municipality township and the ease with which we traveled to and fro Madrid’s city center by trains and trams during the night. Although I did not go shopping on this particular occasion, the abundance of shopping stalls, salons and barbershops were evident all over the place.


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