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Leipzig Travel Tips

4.0 stars

Insider advice for your Leipzig vacation

Leipzig 4 stars
Leipzig is a large city in Saxony and also one of the largest in Germany. The city looks pretty modern and I didn’t find it especially beautiful or attractive, but as in any big city there are surely many good sights around this one. I liked mostly the new city hall – an impressive white building from the nineteenth century having many towers and looking like a small city castle. There is also the enormous building of the Imperial court and one very nice modern square in front of the opera building. Several kilometers to the south of the center there is a large monument to the Battle of the Nations (basically Europe agaist Napoleon’s France) that took place here in 1813.


Leipzig 5 stars
Visiting Leipzig is an unforgettable experience. The city is very big and divided in several parts. The old part of the city is where most of the places of interest are to be found. We visited the church Nikolaikirche, which is very beautiful, the old Stockmarket and the Grassimuseum which is absolutely impressive. We also saw the russian orthodox church and it was the first orthodox church I’ve visited after leaving Romania. Unfortunately, there was no mass when we visited it. We left half of the day for shopping, because Leipzig has many huge malls, where you can probably find everything you want. I totally recommend visiting this city.


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