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Travel Infos Italy

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Italy - Travel Infos


In fall it is rather mild and in winter, temperatures rarely reach below 5 C (38 F).  In summer temperatures around 30 C (75 F) in southern Italy even to 40 C (90 F) can be reached. 

The climate is very diverse:  In Northern Italy, climate is formed by the Mediterranean Sea, where the winters are cold with much snow, and summers are hot.  In the south of the country a Mediterranean climate prevails; spring and fall are mild and sunny.  The further one travels south, the dryer and hotter it gets.

In the “Poebene”, a fresh water climate makes for hot summers and cold winters with temperatures of -15 C (15 F) possible.  The warming influence of the ocean is prevented by the Apennine Mountain.  


Italy is part of the European Union and payment with Euro is accepted everywhere.


In the tourist areas, pick pocketing and car-robberies occur relatively often.  Travelers should take according precautionary measures and particularly avoid large crowds of people in public areas. 

Entry Rules:

The most important route of entry is via the Austrian Brenner Autobahn (A13).  Those living in the western region of Germany usually take a shorter route through Switzerland.

Usage of the Autobahns in Austria and Switzerland is only allowed with a “Vignette”, a toll placard. The Brenner Autobahn charges additional usage fees.  The Vignette may be purchased, for example, at gas stations and post offices near the border, in Switzerland also in customs offices.  In price, the Austrian route is about 30 Euros more expensive than traveling through Switzerland.   

On most Italian interstates a toll is charged, depending on the distance traveled.  The average cost is around 5 Euros per 100 kilometers. 

To enter Italy, a personal identification card or passport suffices.  Children must have either a passport, or be entered in a parent’s passport.  Additionally those driving must have a valid driver’s license and vehicle registration. 

It is recommendable to bring an international green insurance card.


In some rural areas, tap water is not drinkable!  Aqua Non Potabile” means “No Drinking Water”.  When in doubt, travelers should drink bottled water, particularly during acclimatization in the beginning of the vacation. 

In some regions of Southern Italy a medium risk of infection by Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B.  When making travel plans, it is therefore advisable to consider a Hepatitis B immunization.

During the warmer seasons (March/April through October/November) ticks are active, particularly in Northern Italy.  For work or leisure time outdoors, an immunization for FSME (tick-borne encephalitis) which can be transmitted with a sting already is highly recommended. 

Rabies may be found sporadically in dogs.  In case of a bite, medical help should be sought as quickly as possible.


Speed limits within city limits are 50 km/h, outside city limits 90 km/h, and on two lane highways 110 km/h.

On interstates, depending on traffic signs, speed limits are 130 to 150 km/h. 

Furthermore a blood alcohol limit of 0,5 ‰ is law, and driving lights must be used in the daytime when driving outside city limits or on interstates.  In case of an accident or break-down, a special safety vest must be worn, and curbs with black/yellow markings as well as yellow marked areas mean no parking zones.

Further information: 

Since the 1st of January 2005, smoking in stores, restaurants, bars and discos is prohibited, as long as the establishment doesn’t have separate rooms for smokers designated.  The same is rule for public and private offices with walk-in customers.  Violations are fined with 27,50 – 275 Euros.  The amount is doubled, should the violation occur near a pregnant woman or a child.

Caution with bargains!  An Italian law allows high fines (up to 10,000 Euro) for the purchase of plagiarized merchandise.  Visitors should be very cautions so as to not buy plagiarized brand name articles (for example wrist watches, purses, sun-glasses, CD’s).

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