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Italy Attractions

3.0 stars
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Colosseum 5.0 stars
I’m a tour guide. I talk to people nearly daily that say “oh, we’re going to try to do Rome in 3 days”, and just as often I talk to people that tried and failed to do Rome in 3 days. Yes, you can see a lot of Rome in a few days, but in my ... [more ]
Vatican Museums 5.0 stars
I really loved visiting the Vatican. It is true that we had to wait for one hour in the queue but the Vatican is absolutely stunning. We were stopped in the street by a guy offering us a tour which was actually cheaper than paying for a guide ... [more ]
St Mark's Basilica 5.0 stars
The Basilica di San Marco (St Marco´s Basilica) was located right in the heart of the Piazza di San Marco The square had many attractions but having a chance to admire the Basilica from the outside was the highlight in this busy square. The ... [more ]
Piazza San Marco 4.0 stars
Piazza San Marco (St. Mark´s Square) was right at the heart of Venice. The square was filled with lively coffee bars and terraces. The majestic views as one arrived from the water where magnificent. You can easily access the piazza from many ... [more ]
Cinque Terra 4.0 stars
Cinque Terra refers to five coastal villages in the La Spezia province. We took a train ride from Portovenere and landed in Italian bliss. It's also earned the honor of being one of UNESCO's World Heritage Sites. Located along the banks of the ... [more ]
Trevi Fountain 4.0 stars
When I visited Rome, I was enchanted with the many attractions the city offers. I use to say that each corner hides a lovely surprise. However, one of the most impressive monuments for me is Fontana di Trevi (Trevi Fountain). The largest baroque ... [more ]
Pantheon 4.0 stars
If you are planning on taking a trip to Rome, Italy then you should consider going to the Pantheon. One good reason is because it is a very cool site to visit and another is that there are many really awesome restaurants nearby. When we went to ... [more ]
Leaning Tower of Pisa 4.0 stars
After my first trip to Italy, many years ago I decided if I was to visit Italy again, to avoid any touristic site. I decided to visit Pisa after all, just in case it was my last opportunity to see the famous Bell Tower standing. I was not very ... [more ]
Grand Canal 5.0 stars
When you've had your trip on the Grand Canal, do not be afraid to go off the beaten track in Venice. This dilapidating, inimitable city does not have to be all about St. Mark’s Square, water taxis and imitation handbags. Some of its tiniest ... [more ]
Doge's Palace 5.0 stars
Great Council Hall in the Palazzo Ducale is specially impressive because of the huge painting done by Tintoretto that hangs on the opposite side of the Great Council Hall, right above where doge used to sit. The name of the painting is Paradiso ... [more ]
Piazza Navona 5.0 stars
The charming Piazza Navona (Navona Square) is one of the most famous squares of Rome and the most spectacular for me. The architecture surrounded the place is amazing, with fantastic buildings, fountains and monuments, representing the Baroque ... [more ]
St. Peter's Basilica 5.0 stars
St. Peter's Basilica is one of the Vaticans most famous and popular destinations. We were headed there on Wednesday morning before we headed back to England. We didn't know that we would not be allowed entrance to the basilica because the Pope ... [more ]
Naples National Archaeological Museum 5.0 stars
I would absolutely say that this museum should be on your top 5 attractions while visiting Naples. I would suggest seeing both Pompeii and Herculaneum first however. These museums give a great feel of the city before you explore this museum. ... [more ]
Spanish Steps 4.0 stars
After walking for a while in Rome, I had a break in the famous Piazza di Spagna and Spanish Steps. The place, known as meeting point of tourists, is always crowded during the day and even at night. In the centre of the Piazza it is a fountain of ... [more ]
Campo de' Fiori 5.0 stars
While it is now overrun by gypsies, students, and the occasional dealer, Campo dei Fiori is still a lovely spot to watch the parade go by. Philosopher Giordano Bruno did just that when he was burned alive in this piazza as a heretic in 1600, ... [more ]
Verona Arena 5.0 stars
I'm a huge lover of opera and a singer myself, so of course one of the main attractions in Verona was the opera house. Even if you don't like opera (or have never seen one), I can't imagine having a bad experience in this venue. Even up in the ... [more ]
Ponte Vecchio 4.0 stars
The Ponte Vecchio (Old Bridge) in Florence was one of my favourite spots in this gorgeous town. This old bridge had lovely views of the river and the Tuscany valleys as well as loads of souvenir and jewelry shops in both sides. It was vibrant ... [more ]
Pompei Ruins 5.0 stars
The ruins of the Roman city of Pompei, buried “alive” by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius, are justifiably world famous. Given their renown I thought they’d have a hard job living up to their incredible reputation but if anything they exceeded it. ... [more ]
Ponte di Rialto 5.0 stars
We headed towards the famous Rialto Bridge for superb views over the Grand Canal. Despite being one of the most popular bridges in Venice, and one of the only three allowing you to cross the Grand Canal, it wasn´t dramatically crowded. The ... [more ]
Il Duomo 5.0 stars
If you're going to go to Florence and you are not suffering from a broken leg, you must climb the full summit of the Duomo. Not only will you be greeted by stunning views of the city when you reach the roof, you will also come closer to the ... [more ]
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