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Italy Clubs

3.0 stars

Club reviews from insiders

Drunken Ship 5.0 stars
Club in Rome
The Drunken Ship is a popular teenage club in Rome. I only stayed there for 30 minutes. The club is filled with drunken teenagers and bad music. It’s true that there is a DJ but he screams and the songs are commercial American songs. The people ... [more ]
Supperclub 5.0 stars
Club in Rome
The Amsterdam Supperclub in the Rome version is a secret. It is located in a restored 3rd century mansion, down a narrow alley and has no sign on the door. I passed it a few times until a friend took me inside. Once you go in you can never forget ... [more ]
Alien 4.0 stars
Club in Rome
Alien is a club-bar in Nuovo Slario. You are not close to any club or disco so be sure if you want to come here. Usually everybody comes in but the line is pretty long. The club inside is nothing new or spectacular. The music was ok but I didn’t ... [more ]
The Yab 4.0 stars
Club in Florence
I was really strange that we ended up going to the Yab, because the club usually plays hiphop and none of us is very fond of that. But our new friends that we met in Florence, the ones that were pretty much guiding us in terms of restaurants and ... [more ]
Exploit 2.0 stars
Local, Club in Milan
This bar was full of students and the younger set, which is fine, but it wasn't the relaxing, laid-back drinking establishment we'd hoped it would be. The drink prices were good (probably a reflection of the time of day and the fact that they ... [more ]
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