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Liège Attractions

2.0 stars
All | Train Station | Castle, Fortification, Palace | Church, Cathedral, Chapel
Cathédrale Saint- Paul 4.0 stars
Church, Cathedral, Chapel - #1 of 3
Liege Cathedral is a wonderful gothic building in the center of Liege. There are the remains of the patron saint of the city - Saint Lambert. Once there was an older (and much bigger and probably more beautiful) cathedral dedicated to the same ... [more ]
Liege Citadel 3.0 stars
Castle, Fortification, Palace - #2 of 3
Liege citadel was an old 18-th century citadel above the city of Liege. Today only some of it has remained after many wars and reconstructions. Currently it doesn't look very attractive and it hosts a hospital or some sort of clinic, but anyway, ... [more ]
Liege Guilleumins train station 3.0 stars
Train Station - #3 of 3
Liege main train station is Liege Guillaumins. Currently there is a reconstruction of some parts of the station, so it looks a little bit like a construction place, but the interesting modern architecture of the station is worth noting. Liege ... [more ]
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