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Liuku Travel Tips

5.0 stars

Insider advice for your Liuku vacation

The end of paved road: from Gongshan to Binzhongluo 5 stars
Gongshan was the last place on our route, where we could use internet. The next time would be only in Chengdu, about 10 days later. We spent a day at the internet café and went to sleep early, tired after several days on the road. As we did not want to wait for the shared taxi to Binzhongluo, the small village, where the paved road ends, we decided to hitchhike. 15 minutes later we were picked up and about one hour later arrived Binzhongluo. Last time when I visit this village one year ago, the manager of the only hotel in Binzhongluo told me, that there is a bus to Cawarong every morning. Unfortunately we could not confirm that. According to the locals, the road to Cawarong was closed due to landslides and the only way to pass was by foot


On the road into Nujiang Valley 5 stars
In the train we met a young couple from Taiwan. As we told them about our plan, they were astonished. As we told them, that our Chinese language skills include around 50 words, they were shocked. At the early morning the young couple wished us good luck and left for their booked hotel in Dali. To stay in town was not the part of our plans and after having a light breakfast of bao zi (Chinese dumplings) and tee, we took a shared taxi to Liuku, the capital of Nujiang Valley. The bumpy ride took about 5 hours and around midday we got to this dusty town, full of concrete buildings. Our first action there was to buy a ticket for the night bus to Gongshan, small town located in the upper part of Nujiang Valley. After second night on the road we arrived to Gongshan, where we decided to make a break


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