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London Travel Tips

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Insider advice for your London vacation

A little bit of France in Central/west London 5 stars
We were guided by our hotel to go there for an excellent meal. Excellent it was and much more than that.
What a delightful place,not only by the food and service but also by the kindness,charm and care demonstrated by the owner.We felt special.A memorable evening and a very affordable one too !! We hope to go back as soon as in London.


flat in south west london

I am coming very soon to work in the south west of london and I was wondering what are the best areas to live in. I am looking for somewhere which is safe, affordable and nice if possible.
I know a little bit about the area but I would like more details:
Is Wandsworth a good area to live in ?
Is Tooting a risky area ?
Is Kingston really far from london city-center ?
Any information about the area would be very useful



Great rental for short term 5 stars
Hello everyone as a new mamber here I would like to share my impressions from so many places,hotels,siteseeings, e.t.c
For now I will start with one rental ( as fresh new impression ) which I rented to celabrate my anniversary with my girlfriend.
The Apartment is Regents Park Three A
address : 2c Crowndale Road NW1 1TT
I rented it from
Fascinating,luxury furnished, 3 bedrooms, best location for us.


Adventure Travel Guide 5 stars
In order for anyone to really have a nice break from your everyday life of working, you need to take a vacation. If you are not only wanting to take a vacation but also wanting to try travel writing, as maybe a hobby, needs to visit South America.

You need to try visiting Bolivia while you are in South America. Here, you will find the Andes and be able to climb some of the Andes Mountain peaks. You can explore the jungle and see some beautiful and exotic animals. You usually explore the jungle from canoes, so you will not have to do a lot of walking on this exploration.

French Guiana is also another great place to visit. French Guiana is located along a coastline which makes fishing a great adventure for this country. In this country, you can take a walk in part of the rainforest. It would be wise though to not go by yourself. There can be many dangers from different animals located in the jungle.

Suriname offers boat tours. While in this country, you may actually be able to watch some of the sea turtles that are around here. For anyone to see more of this country, you can travel by horseback. This lets you get a different perspective of nature instead of what you would see from driving a car.

These are just a few of the countries that are located in South America. There are so many other things you can also do that you cannot list them all. You are sure to find so many different things in South America that you will have some amazing things to do some travel writing about. This could also make a great family vacation since there is sure to be something to keep everyone happy.
More Information:


Adventure Travel Guide 5 stars
Do you want to go some place where you can get out of the cold? Then get take a grand adventure travel in the Philippines when the summer season has just begun.

In summer, the perfect place to be is in the beautiful beaches of the Philippines. A very popular spot among the Filipinos and foreigners alike is Boracay. Here is where you can see white beaches where the water is often glassy-smooth. You can enjoy windsurfing, kite boarding or kite surfing and plain swimming in these reef-protected waters.

Then we can travel down to the beaches of Cebu, the central part of the Philippines. Cebu is a very tropical island where even evenings are hot. During the daytime, you can enjoy scuba diving and kayaking in the choice beaches of Mactan or Malapascua. And even when you don’t want to go to beaches for the summer, you can enjoy their scenic colonial spots such as the Basilica Minor del Santo Niño and Fort San Pedro. Adventure lovers on the go can also enjoy mountain trekking at Mount Manunggal. Animal lovers can travel to Olango where you can find a wildlife sanctuary full of exotic creatures.

Another spot in the Central part of the Philippines is the ever beautiful Bohol. Here is where you can find the famed Chocolate Hills so named because of their conical and almost symmetrical shapes. Enjoy snorkling in the beautiful beaches of Panglao Island but be careful of the sea urchins. And another interesting thing here is the existence of Tarsiers, one of the smallest primates in the world. Their hand-length size and bulging eyes will never make you forget Bohol.

So what are we waiting for? Plan an adventure travel and find yourself in a tropical country full of wonder and delight, the Philippines.
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Adventure Tour: The Poles 5 stars
You can take icy safari adventure tours and travel to the North or South poles. There is perpetual winter all of the time, 24 hours a day all year round. If a hot desert adventure sounds too hot, take a wintry cruise through the Arctic on an icebreaker cruise. You can travel on board a ship that is especially designed to handle the treacherous waters of the Arctic sea, or take helicopter flights from the ship and view the region from above. And don't forget to see the whales and hear the calls of the various breeds of seal.

You can trek a little through the frozen tundra in the Arctic and glimpse polar bears playing or hunting or catch site of an aortic hare against the snowy background. You can take a flight-seeing tour and have an adventure in dog sledding. The best time to go to the Arctic or visit the North Pole, which there are four of, depends on the adventure tours you have in mind. Most go in the summer time when the temperatures are more comfortable.

Want to head South for the winter? Antarctica the coldest , windiest and the highest continent, and it can be considered desert. The wildlife boast of up to 70 lakes below the ice sheets. Antarctica's closet neighbor, approximately 600 miles to the north, is Argentina, in South America.

Argentina offers hikers of every level a plethora of adventure tours. You don't want to miss the glaciers and lakes of Patagonia or the amazing rock formations of in the San Juan province. These places offer up delightful and diverse scenery and climates. The best time to go to Argentina depends on the activities you prefer the most. Being in the southern hemisphere, the seasons are opposite of northern seasons. If skiing is an adventure tour you would like, the best time to visit Argentina is June through August, as that time of year provides the best snow.

Wherever your adventure tours take you, employ an adventure guide to show you the best of the culture, sites and events.
more details:


Shopping in London 5 stars
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London is one of the cities most visited of the world. The city is amazing, with fantastic attractions and beautiful architecture. Besides this, London has a vibrant atmosphere represented in its pubs and nightclubs. However, if you fancy shopping, London is also a great city to do it. From expensive stores to the popular ones, it is almost impossible to leave the city without buying something. If you prefer crowded places, go to west end, where Oxford Street, Regent Street and Carnaby Street are. They have stores in all styles. Quite near from them, it is Bond Street, the expensive address of London, and the Covent Garden, the charming region. Department stores such as Harrods and Selfridges are good options, once they are also lovely attractions located in beautiful buildings. The shopping centre Westfield, few miles from the city centre, can also be a good option in rainy days. The region of Knightsbridge also has stores, although most of them are luxurious. Wherever you go, for sure you will find good options for buying. Prepare your wallet!


Beirut Express Restaurant, Edgware Road, London, W2 2DZ 5 stars
Every time I am in London I cannot help but make a stop at Beirut Express on Edgware Road. As part of the Maroush Chain, it has divine food at a lower cost than that of the more expensive restaurants on the road. Yes, it does come off as more of a fast food place than a restaurant, but once you taste the quality of the food you could never compare it to fast food.

The Shawarmas are moist, tasty and always well cooked , the salads fresh and the juices sublime. Although they do have some main plates to offer I recommend trying several of the smaller dishes in one sitting, you won’t know what to choose anyway the choices are unlimited.

After the many different combinations tried, I suggest a salad, the sujuk, a bowl of delicious home-made hummus, a shawarma or shish taouk sandwich with a freshly made juice. Note that there are also many different combinations for vegetarians as more than 50% of the menu is vegetarian. With around 3 starter plates and a juice you can look to spend around £15 per person very, very, very well priced for the quality and location.


From London to Edinburgh by train 5 stars
If you are in London and fancy to go to Edinburgh, my tip is go by train. You take the National Express train in King’s Cross Station, in Central London, and stop in Waverley Station, in the centre of Edinburgh in a journey that takes around 4 hours and half. The way is amazing, especially after Newcastle, from where you will observe a change in the landscape and big cities will be replaced by medieval small cities. The sheep in large fields will become more common in the scenario. The highlight, in my opinion, is when the train crosses Berwick-upon-Tweed, a tiny town in the north coast of England (just 4km of the border of Scotland), that is divided by a river. The bridge and houses architecture, very typical of the region, are fantastic. The visual is just a sample of what you can expect from Scotland.


Greenwich by boat 4 stars
Greenwich is a very charming region, famous due to Greenwich Meridian and Greenwich Mean Time. In my opinion, the best way to reach the place is by boat. You can start the cruise at Westminster Pier (near Houses of Parliament and London Eye), navigating through the River Thames, and crossing interesting London attractions’ such as Tate Modern, Millennium Bridge, Saint Paul Cathedral, Tower Hill and Tower Bridge. In the way, you can also see Canary Wharf, a new business area of London, with high and modern buildings. It is a wonderful option, once you can see the city from a different point of view. Arriving in Greenwich, I recommend walking along Greenwich Park until get Royal Observatory, from where you can have amazing views of London. The journey time is normally about 55 minutes and you have the choice to buy just single cruise or return ticket.


Angel Islington 3 stars
Angel is a cool part of North London which is good for a night out. It's well connected to the rest of London on the Northern Line and has loads of buses too. Along the main high street there are a plethora of funky cocktail bars, trendy restaurants and cafes serving food from all over the world. It isn’t a pretty place and it has a very gritty urban feel but its good fun. I would recommend heading down to Elbow Room a very cool pool hall off the main high street. My friend hired out a private room with a pool table for a birthday party and it was great fun, good beers on tap and yummy food and you get to hang out with the cool kids. Shame I’m rubbish at pool!!


Free fresh food in London 5 stars
Ever been able to try caviar? The delicacy consumed by kings and queens is free for commoners to taste at Borough Market in London. As well as cheese from all over the world, olives, crisp bread, tofu, meat and much, much more. No wonder it is busy. Get you elbows in gear and get ready to trough samples from hundreds of stalls off Borough High Street. It's a perfect solution for backpackers on a budget with growling stomachs. Although the food is expensive to buy, it makes a great day out. Just wear comfortable shoes for a lot of stomping round stalls. Stallholders have a lot of suggestions about how to serve up some of this fine food, so do not be afraid to ask - then get a budget version and try it down the road!


Crossing the Abbey Road with the Beatles 4 stars
Talking about Abbey Road, just one image comes to my mind: the four Liverpool boys in the famous pedestrian crossing. As a Beatles lover, I should go to the scenario where enchanted people worldwide and is still working the Abbey recording studio. When I arrived at St. John’s Wood Station, I liked the neighbourhood in the first sign. I walked over few minutes until reach the well-known place: Abbey Road. Of course, it wasn’t only me who had the idea of contemplate the historic place (at least for me!) and I had to wait for a while until have my time to cross and take the traditional photos. For a moment, I recorded the Beatles songs and I could revive my passion for the band.


Jet experience 1 stars
Its never a pleasure to give a negative tip, but this is for anyone using Jet Airways from London to Bangkok.This is my experience so to be fair, maybe it was just a bad day. But I doubt it. The flight from London goes via Mumbai and the aircraft used on the daytime flight is a big 777. This is a less busy flight since many prefer the night schedule to arrive Mumbai in the morning. That part of the journey is great. From Mumbai to Bangkok is a nightmare. Using a small 737 300, the aircraft is way too small and the seats are jammed close together. No legroom, no space and I imagine always full. In comparison to the Middle East airlines, this is a non starter (in my opinion).


Walking London – Covent Garden, Leicester Square, Trafalgar Square, Houses of Parliament, South Bank 4 stars
London is a huge city and there’s so much to see it can be hard to know what to do first. I would start central and spend a day walking around and experiencing the vibe of the city and marveling at the beautiful architecture and great sites.

Central London is actually very condensed and you can easily walk around lots of important sites in a day. Start at Covent Garden tube, look at the lovely market area with all the street performers and the Neal’s Yard area on the other side of the tube station. Walk down the main road to Leicester Square, through the square and to Piccadilly Circus to see Eros and all the neon signs. Head back to Leicester Square turning left just before you get to the square and then right into China Town to soak in the atmosphere. When you come out of China Town turn right and head down to Trafalgar Square to look at the sculptures and pop into the National Gallery.

Keep going down from Trafalgar Square and you will walk past Downing Street on your right and then reach the majestic Houses of Parliament. From here go left over the bridge and left down to the South Bank of the Thames, the Millennium Wheel, the National Theatre and the National Film Theatre and the lovely Gabrielle’s Wharf perfect for a drink and a rest. You can walk down to the Tate, the Globe and many other sites from here, but your feet may object!


Super Fit-and raring to go! 5 stars
Fighting Fit and Strong
RedBridge Sports&Leisure Centre
Forest Road Ilford Essex IG6 3HD
TEL:020 8498 1010

I think this one of the best all round sports centres in London.Situated in Ilford it is easy to access via the central line. It has been under continous redevelopment since 1972 and has state of the art facilities which are reasonably priced. The centre has modern facilities for many types of sports for all ages and groups. It is recognised and accredited by the English Federation of Disability Sport for being an Inclusive Fitness Facility. They have paid membership and day memberships for the casual users also.Membership fees vary from £12.00-£40.00 a month and there is joining fees of £26.00. For non-members there is £3.10 entrance fee followed by £5.70 for each daily use.

The fitness suite is very well equipped with 100 station fitness machines with CV and resistance machines as well. The leisure is best know for its tennis centre where the Challenger Tour events are played. It has eight indoor and six outdoor floodlight tennis courts and an ongoing tennis programme which encourages participation as well as excellence.


One of London´s first cemetries to be open to all classes and religions - Abney Park Cemetery 5 stars
I still can´t believe how many years I passed these strange looking gates on busy Stoke Newington High Street, before I discovered the oasis of calm inside with its cedars of Lebanon and wild flowers.

Today Abney Park is a nature reserve and a centre for arts and stone masonry training, but inside there is a beautiful cemetery which was one of the first to be open to all classes and religious domination. At the centre of the park is a century and a half old chapel - the first to use a single chamber open to all.

The strange gates turned out to be the earliest example in Europe of the 'Egyptian Revival' style and is decorated with lotus flowers and hieroglyphics.

Normally the park is open free to visitors every day.


Right Up The Wall! 5 stars
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Many Londoners take theirr sports very seriously and indoor climbers more so than most,because London has not got any mountains nearby. You have to travel way outside the city if you want to do any climbing on real mountains. But this centre that I go to-although its a bit expensive and has membership fees is really versatile and you can do many types of climbing there depending on skill and ability.
The reason why I like it is because I can go there during the week after work . They have an upper floor and a lower floor withexcellent climbing ropes,lead climbs and different levels of climbing walls. There are a number of classes run by women for all levels and a cafe.
Very recently they opened up a new section called the caveroom which has a scaleable ceiling and is fun to try.


Moving to London...
Hi Guys!

I am looking to move into London and that is where the dilemma starts.

I am a young guy (22) moving to London for the great lifestyle. I currently work in London and, sick of the commute, decided to move but I just can’t decide where. I am a very lively person that is out to make friends; I enjoy clubbing & house parties.

Any ideas?


Award wining -Oriental Spa 5 stars
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Its all the small and elegant touches that make visiting this spa in the Mandarin Oriental Hotel well worth a visit. Upon arrival before you slip into your white treatment robe -the orchid on your tray with robes is very inviting. I completely lost all track of time when I went in there and here is good tip-if you decide to come here then be prepared to make a day of it.If you rush in and out of here then you will not benefit from having a dip in the vitality pool, sanarium and the super steam room.
If money is no object then a treatment here is highly advisable-I think its always nice to get away from noisy overcrowded salons where privacy is not always optimum and every-one can hear what you are saying to your therapist.
At the Mandarin which will soon acquire a new wing-I think its quality time spent on refreshing and replenshing your tired body thats important. The last time I was here a few weeks ago my friends I spent a total of four hours having a full body treatment which consisted-of foot massage,full body scrub, and a hotstone massage followed by the prescriptive jump into the vitality pool,vigourous rub-down and then a hot drink in the bar.


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