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London Restaurants

4.0 stars

Top Restaurants in London

Hi Sushi 3.0 stars
Sushi - #81 of 87 Restaurants in London
Soho, off Oxford Street in Central London, is very popular on the weekend. Studded with small and big clubs, fluorescent lights and any kind of amusement, it's one of the most famous Londoners Meccas. I have heard the most amazing and exotic ... [more ]
Carthage 3.0 stars
Greek - #82 of 87 Restaurants in London
Carthage does excellent and very well priced mediteraenean dishes. Mainly Turkish and Greek style foods are available, and the authentic staff are super friendly and helpful. The Turkish coffees are tiny but have a mega kick to go with their ... [more ]
Aston's Bar and Restaurant 3.0 stars
Local - #83 of 87 Restaurants in London
Aston's bar is located on Regent Street in Kensal Green, its a tiny side street so fairly tucked away. The bar is quite pretentious and many want-to-be actors drink there as well as musicians and artists etc. There is an outside seating area ... [more ]
Thai Terrace 3.0 stars
Thai - #84 of 87 Restaurants in London
This is by far not the best Thai food in London, but it is decent value and has an interesting atmosphere. The lunch specials are pretty good, but not particularly authentic - for less than £10 per person including a drink, you can get two ... [more ]
Village Tandoori 3.0 stars
Indian - #85 of 87 Restaurants in London
If you ever visit London take the time to stray off the well trodden tourist paths and head for the outer suburbs. In Oakwood and Winchmore Hill you'll be rewarded with magnificent parks, historic churches, and an array of restaurants offering a ... [more ]
Govinda’s 3.0 stars
Indian - #86 of 87 Restaurants in London
Govinda's is a great vegetarian eatery at 9 Soho Street near Soho Square. I had just been walking around in Soho, passed Soho Square and was on my way towards Oxford Street when I caught sight of this restaurant. It was one of my first days in ... [more ]
Raoul's 1.0 stars
#87 of 87 Restaurants in London
Raoul’s is considered a great restaurant in Maida Vale. The cosy place seemed agreeable and the menu, available outside, was also quite attractive; so we decided to go in for a lunch in one Monday. A huge disappointing! First of all, the ... [more ]
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