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London Bars

4.0 stars

London bar reviews from insiders

Pierre's Patisserie 4.0 stars
English - #21 of 64 Bars & Cafés in London
It couldn’t be helped and it wasn’t really my fault. After just one mouthful of one of Pierre’s signature chocolate éclairs my mouth resembled that of a child who has just polished off a glass of milk, and then smeared chocolate on his or her ... [more ]
O'Neill's 4.0 stars
#22 of 64 Bars & Cafés in London
I like this pub so much; I always had fun there no matter what. Even if the service is slow, and they made me wait in the cold for some time before I was allowed in, I loved every night spent there. Thursdays and weekends are always the best ... [more ]
The Gallery Café 4.0 stars
#23 of 64 Bars & Cafés in London
I don’t know the area Bethnal Green that well, but I am familiar with one great vegetarian eatery that I can really recommend – no matter if you are a vegetarian or not. The Gallery Café at 21 Old Ford Road is only a two to three minutes walk ... [more ]
The Tattershall Castle Bar and Club 4.0 stars
#24 of 64 Bars & Cafés in London
After a nice morning in London I decided to have a spot of lunch and whilst I couldn’t see any restaurants in the immediate area I did manage to get to the bank of the river Thames whereupon I spotted an open air bar on the deck of a small ship. ... [more ]
Belushi’s 4.0 stars
North American - #25 of 64 Bars & Cafés in London
If you are a fan of the Blues Brothers you need to visit Belushi’s Bar. This place is a homage to the film and is packed with fabulous memorabilia. It’s good as well because it is slightly outside the craziness of Covent Garden so you may even ... [more ]
Jets Wine Bar 4.0 stars
#26 of 64 Bars & Cafés in London
It was a sunny July afternoon, and I found myself visiting friends in South Woodfood, an area of London which is quaint, but very well connected with the rest of the city. As I exited the tube station I could not help but notice Jets wine bar ... [more ]
Aardvark Pub 4.0 stars
African - #27 of 64 Bars & Cafés in London
In the Uk, Most exactly in London, you can find an African bar, Aardvark Pub. South Africans can come and listen to their favorite bands and can have a fantastic feeling enjoying the beats. The bar is all about having fun in spite of you color. I ... [more ]
O’Neil’s Bar 4.0 stars
#28 of 64 Bars & Cafés in London
There are loads of O’Neil’s Bars around the city but most of them are sports bars, however, the one in Soho is huge and spreads itself across three levels, each playing different music.  Watch out though as it does get absolutely packed so its ... [more ]
Wild Cherry 4.0 stars
#29 of 64 Bars & Cafés in London
Wild Cherry is a great café at 241 Globe Road a couple of minutes walk from Bethnal Green tube station. I love the interior there. The walls are covered with pictures from local artists, which is one of the things that gives the restaurant its ... [more ]
Wheatley Vegetarian Café 4.0 stars
European - #30 of 64 Bars & Cafés in London
Wheatley Vegetarian Café is situated on 33-34 Myddleton Street right next to a shop called Rye Wholefoods. This café has about 20 seats; it’s a roomy and light place with big tables. I the summer, it’s popular to sit outside in their back garden. ... [more ]
The Coal Hole 4.0 stars
English - #31 of 64 Bars & Cafés in London
Another great London pub and well worth as visit as much for the exterior and interior as well as the beer and food is the “Coal Hole” on the Strand. It is a riot of stone, glass and dark wood with impressive friezes, a large fireplace and ... [more ]
The Blackfriar 4.0 stars
#32 of 64 Bars & Cafés in London
Busy and bustling with City workers during the week, the point of drinking here is to enjoy the extraordinary Arts and Crafts interior, created by Henry Poole at the beginning of the last century;for this alone , it warrants a visit. Though ... [more ]
Queen’s Wood Weekend Café & Organic Garden 4.0 stars
#33 of 64 Bars & Cafés in London
A great café in the Highgate area is Queen’s Wood Weekend Café & Organic Garden. Compared to Highgate’s Oshobasho Café, it’s located on the other side of Muswell Hill Road. The number is 42, but you need to follow a path before you reach the ... [more ]
Canela Cafe 4.0 stars
Portuguese - #34 of 64 Bars & Cafés in London
When I want to taste a Portuguese and Brazilian flavour, I go to Canela. The cosy house has two units and both are very well-located, one in Covent Garden and the other one in Carnaby region. Canela has a range of typical dishes of both countries ... [more ]
The Jolly Farmers Pub 4.0 stars
#35 of 64 Bars & Cafés in London
The first thing you notice about this pub, is not the smell of beer from several blocks away, nor its incredible size, but flowers. The exterior is decked out with dozens of hanging baskets and it looks a pretty and inviting sight. In fact the ... [more ]
The Bishop 4.0 stars
English - #36 of 64 Bars & Cafés in London
Every time I go to the Bishop the atmosphere gives me a sort of good mood. It's one of the trendiest pubs in East Dulwich and the relaxed manners of owner and waiters confirm its reputation. All kind of food is served, from fish to meat to ... [more ]
Café Mediterraneo 4.0 stars
#37 of 64 Bars & Cafés in London
Café Mediterraneo is located on Honer Square, about five minutes walk from Liverpool Street. Open Monday to Friday 8am-4pm and Sunday 8am-5pm. The best day to go to Café Mediterraneo is on Sundays when the market is open. I found this restaurant ... [more ]
Oval Lounge 4.0 stars
European - #38 of 64 Bars & Cafés in London
Just a couple of doors down from Oval tube station is the Oval Lounge. A modest brassierie/bistro/bar that serves delicious salads, sandwiches, and entrees, and a perfect meeting point or Sunday afternoon chill-out spot. We tried the hummous ... [more ]
The Balham Tup 4.0 stars
English - #39 of 64 Bars & Cafés in London
This Balham Pub is just off the main road, opposite the tube station towards Wandsworth. In my opinion it’s one of the nicest in the area. It is spacious and airy with a friendly atmosphere and good music. It’s an excellent place to watch sports ... [more ]
The Ship 4.0 stars
#40 of 64 Bars & Cafés in London
Amidst the million and one bars on Wardour Street, let alone Soho, the Ship has become a favourite. Not just because it's one of the few non-chain pubs there, but because of the atmosphere. Welcoming, relaxed, and comfortable (i've often waited ... [more ]
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