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London Bars

4.0 stars

London bar reviews from insiders

Ottolenghi 4.0 stars
European - #1 of 64 Bars & Cafés in London
The reason I found Ottolenghi in the first place was because of the tempting selection of pastries on display. I couldn’t avoid looking through the window when I strolled by on my way home one afternoon. The cakes, as well as the delicious fruit ... [more ]
Hummingbird Bakery 4.0 stars
North American - #2 of 64 Bars & Cafés in London
A walk in Portobello Road Market, in Notting Hill, is not the same after a stop in the cosy Hummingbird Bakery. The cakes shown on display window and the usual queue outside the bakery anticipate what you will find inside. Delicious brownies, ... [more ]
Haagen Dazs 5.0 stars
#3 of 64 Bars & Cafés in London
Haagen Dazs is no novelty - there are cafes, takeaways, and merchandise all over the world. You can't move for the logo in Paris. But the one in London's Leicester Square remains something special. For £6 you can order a sumptuous cocktail (is ... [more ]
Hammersmith river side pubs 4.0 stars
#4 of 64 Bars & Cafés in London
I lived in Hammersmith for a few years and a great thing to do around here is to visit the Hammersmith River pubs. They are open winter as well but it becomes more popular during the summer season as there is a lovely promenade and a park nearby ... [more ]
The Cove 4.0 stars
English - #5 of 64 Bars & Cafés in London
The Cove is one of those places that people get introduced to rather than finding by accident and it's a real treat to stumble across. Compared to the other generic chain pubs, this has the feeling of a Cornish Members club! It is above the ... [more ]
Waxy O’Conner’s 4.0 stars
#6 of 64 Bars & Cafés in London
London has many pubs around the city. However, despite of the great English options, the pub I most like is an Irish one, the Waxy O’Connor's. Located in the heart of the city, just few minutes from Leicester Square and Piccadilly Circus, the ... [more ]
Walkabout Bar 4.0 stars
#7 of 64 Bars & Cafés in London
The aussie bar in London, at leats used to be. Always packed full on Sunday nights and has beer and snakebite specials before five pm. It is a huge place( two floors) and there's live bands playing almost every night. On sundays they used to ... [more ]
Patisserie Valerie 5.0 stars
#8 of 64 Bars & Cafés in London
Patisserie Valerie is a chain with many units around London. I have tried some of them and they have the same quality. The window displays normally show amazing desserts and cakes and it is quite easy to get lost with so many great options. I ... [more ]
retro bar 4.0 stars
#9 of 64 Bars & Cafés in London
Tucked away in a little street off the Strand, this is a lovely bar. Just the right amount of light and music to set the scene, without being too intrusive on conversation. A jovial bar man upstairs jokes with bar-flies, while groups squeezed ... [more ]
Anchor Pub 4.0 stars
English - #10 of 64 Bars & Cafés in London
One of my favourite London pubs, the Anchor sits between Cannon Street Railway Bridge and the Financial Times building on London’s South Bank with a large terrace area looking directly out over the Thames. Inside it is a labyrinth of ... [more ]
Truman Brewery 4.0 stars
#11 of 64 Bars & Cafés in London
The old Truman Brewery is too cool for school. Pop down there on a Sunday to see hoardes of funky, madly dressed indie kids and rockers hanging out, drinking, checking out the vintage stores or admiring the Banksy installations. This place is ... [more ]
Fortnum's 5.0 stars
#12 of 64 Bars & Cafés in London
Tea at Fortnum's is as English as Ascot. As old the Empire, the afternoon tea ritual at Fortnum and Mason is one that schoolboys at Eton and Westminster remember for life. The scones with cream and jam make High Court judges regress. Now that ... [more ]
Grainshop 5.0 stars
#13 of 64 Bars & Cafés in London
I would say this is the best vegetarian eatery in the world. Food just does not get much better than this. Even if I just stop in London for a day Grainshop is still on my list of places to visit, it is just too good to be missed. And all of my ... [more ]
The Gypsy Moth 5.0 stars
#14 of 64 Bars & Cafés in London
If the ships are starting to be too much, stop into the Gipsy Moth for a pint (especially in the colder months when you'll need a bit of alcohol to fight the sea breezes!). One of the old-school pubs, it can be a bit busy (it is, after all, ... [more ]
Southside Bar 5.0 stars
#15 of 64 Bars & Cafés in London
I have never really been a bar person but Southside bar is different and is probably one of the few bars that I love going to! Its located just near Warren Street tube station, I cant remember the actual address but if you come out of the ... [more ]
The Chandos 5.0 stars
English - #16 of 64 Bars & Cafés in London
By far my favourite London boozer, “The Chandos” is a no nonsense city pub located just off Trafalgar Square (next door to St Martin’s in the Field) which serves surprisingly reasonably priced beer and food in really pleasant surroundings. ... [more ]
Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese 5.0 stars
English - #17 of 64 Bars & Cafés in London
If you’re normally suspicious of any establishment that calls itself “Ye Olde” then this will be refreshing change. “Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese” pub on London’s Fleet Street is the genuine article, rebuilt after the Great Fire of 1666, the interior ... [more ]
Black Lion Plaistow 5.0 stars
English - #18 of 64 Bars & Cafés in London
Im Black Lion, nur 2 Gehminuten von der U-Bahn Haltestelle "Plaistow" entfernt, findest du eine einzigartige Atmosphäre. Vor allem vor und nach Heimspielen von West Ham United tummeln sich hier fast ausschliesslich einheimische Männer. Obwohl das ... [more ]
Art Cafe 5.0 stars
#19 of 64 Bars & Cafés in London
If you are in Bayswater or just want to go to a new place to eat for lunch, coffee or a cake or something then The Art Cafe in Bayswater is great! Outside it has a huge Haagen Daz sign and the cafe itself is white on the outside, its fairly near ... [more ]
The Ship 4.0 stars
#20 of 64 Bars & Cafés in London
Amidst the million and one bars on Wardour Street, let alone Soho, the Ship has become a favourite. Not just because it's one of the few non-chain pubs there, but because of the atmosphere. Welcoming, relaxed, and comfortable (i've often waited ... [more ]
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