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London Clubs

4.0 stars

Club reviews from insiders

Salsa! 3.0 stars
#1 of 21 Clubs in London
Bar Salsa is so much fun. Not only it is a really nice restaurant it is also a great place for dancing. Every Friday they organize a 2 hour free Salsa class. I´ve been there so many times. The teacher is so energetic and fun you will really feel ... [more ]
Tiger Tiger 3.0 stars
#2 of 21 Clubs in London
Tiger Tiger is a restaurant, bar and nightclub chain where you can have a lot of fun, eating, drinking and dancing in a busy environment. In London, the house is near Piccadilly Circus, in the heart of West End. The restaurant has a wide range of ... [more ]
Crash 5.0 stars
#3 of 21 Clubs in London
Crussh on 27 Kensington High Street is one of the best juice- and smoothie bars in London. Crussh has several branches in London, but this one in Kensington (near High Street Kensington LU) has, in my opinion, the best offer and the friendliest ... [more ]
The Electric Ballroom 5.0 stars
#4 of 21 Clubs in London
The Electric Ballroom is a Club situated in Camden Town, London. They hold various nights my favourite being Sin City which is held every Friday night. There are two floors playing a variety of Heavy Metal, Hard Rock, Punk, Ska and many other ... [more ]
Fabric 4.0 stars
#5 of 21 Clubs in London
Once a Victorian cold store in London' s meat packing district, Fabric is London's most directional dance spot for "serious" clubbers. With a capacity for 2,000, a 24-hour music license and four monolithic dance floors, Fabric is where the ... [more ]
Coronet Club 4.0 stars
#6 of 21 Clubs in London
The Coronet is located in Elephant & Castle, I have only been there once but it was very memorable! I expected it to be just another normal club night but it was far from it! When I walked in I remember thinking 'oh my god, are they playing ... [more ]
The End 4.0 stars
#7 of 21 Clubs in London
The End is located near Tottenhamcourt Road and is off a tiny side street so you would never of known its there. They have regular nights and also events so make sure you check what is on before you go. Its a fairly small club but not tiny and ... [more ]
SE1 Club 5.0 stars
#8 of 21 Clubs in London
SE1 used to be the dirtiest club around but it’s had a refurb and now it’s so clean you can actually sit on the floor but still it doesn’t look clinical. The place is pretty big but you can’t tell that it is as there are loads of rooms that you ... [more ]
Cafe De Paris 5.0 stars
#9 of 21 Clubs in London
In its heyday, this supper club in the heart of London's West End sparkled. Marlene Dietrich and Noel Coward played to the martini set after dark. The original decor, including a sweeping double staircase down to the dance floor, gilded balconies ... [more ]
Thai Square Nightclub 5.0 stars
#10 of 21 Clubs in London
If you are a fan of Thai food like I am, you will definitely having a meal at the Thai Square restaurants, which can found in Princess Street near to Oxford Circus tube station. This restaurant is very close to Hanover Square Gardens. The food ... [more ]
Roxy 5.0 stars
#11 of 21 Clubs in London
Roxy is a simple club apparently. One floor is all this bar has to offer. The dance floor is very big and many people fit into this club. The first time there was a roller skate party. I had great fun even though I can’t roller skate. Everybody ... [more ]
Guanabara 4.0 stars
South American - #12 of 21 Clubs in London
The Brazilian Guanabara, in the heart of London, quite near to Convent Garden region, offers great entertainment once is open until late and normally has different events each day. So, you can enjoy Samba, Forro, Bossa Nova among others rhythms. ... [more ]
The Shadow Lounge 4.0 stars
#13 of 21 Clubs in London
With valet parking, fresh-cut flowers at the door and banquettes reserved for the beautiful and the damned, it's no wonder the Shadow Lounge is the cocktail set's new HQ in London. Non-members feel as if they've drifted into a private cocktail ... [more ]
Parker McMillan Nightclub 4.0 stars
#14 of 21 Clubs in London
This Feeling is hosted by Parker McMillan and is a monthly event. It is currently the place to be seen if you are a progidigal indie talent, recent stars to frequent the night include Kasabian, The Enemy, members of Oasis and relatives of the ... [more ]
Stratford Rex 4.0 stars
#15 of 21 Clubs in London
The Stratford Rex was an old theatre and still looks like one inside but it’s now a venue.  It holds random events so you will have to keep an eye out for when events are on there, often they are drum n bass events but there are a few rooms, ... [more ]
333 Club 3.0 stars
#16 of 21 Clubs in London
Club 333 is certainly one of the strangest clubs that I have ever been to. Its in East London as has two rooms and gets really packed, I have no idea why. When I first walked in I thought they were playing Irish fiddle music and immediately ... [more ]
Churchills 3.0 stars
#17 of 21 Clubs in London
The Churchill Arms is an Irish owned pub located in Notting Hill on Kensington Church Street and its a pretty old pub. There is also a Thai restaurant in the back that serves lovely food so I prefer it as a lunch time or dinner time stop. The ... [more ]
The Clapham Grand 3.0 stars
#18 of 21 Clubs in London
The Clapham Grand runs regular disco nights, on a Saturday I think, it’s about £10 to get in.  The club is an old theatre so has a couple of floors but its all part of the same room.  It’s a fairly big place and it does fill up, but not ... [more ]
Zebrano Bar 3.0 stars
#19 of 21 Clubs in London
I was walking through Carnaby Street with a bunch of friends trying to decide which club to tackle first when a young lady gave us a pass with the offer of 50% off on the first drink at the Zebrano nightclub. The other side of the ticket invited ... [more ]
Bondai Night Clubs 1.0 stars
#20 of 21 Clubs in London
I would be interested in people's views on their favourite nightclub in London. Thanks! [more ]
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