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Lörrach Travel Tips

4.0 stars

Insider advice for your Lörrach vacation

Christina Hann-Trefzger
Loerrach city center 4 stars
Loerrach is truly a small city in Baden-Wuerttemberg, but don’t underestimate the city center. Even though it is small, but there are a lot to do there. Eating, clubbing, shopping and also strolling are always delightful. One thing that I like from Loerrach city center is, all the city landmarks not gathering in the same spot. They are mainly spread widely in different places. The shopping places are not too packed. Sometimes you’ll find a cool landmark next to an elementary school. I love the city so much, because you’ll see a beautiful mountain behind the shopping centers. And it is a great combination between modern buildings and the nature.


Loerrach town center 2 stars
Loerrach is a small and not really interesting town in the very south-western corner of Germany. The city is in the shadow of Basel – so it doesn’t have many shops and places to go. I visited both parts of the city – Loerrach and Stetten and I can’t say which one was better. In Stetten there was a nice church – Fridolinskirche, while in Loerrach is the real center of the town with the so called Burghof – a strange building combining modern and old elements. Generally, I wouldn’t recommend anyone without a lot of spare time to visit Loerrach if you are not heading to the Roetteln castle.


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