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Lübeck Attractions

4.0 stars
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Christmas Market 5.0 stars
Market Place - #1 of 13
hallo, die grünste stadt im bundesland schleswig/holstein(deutschland) ich liebe diese stadt,,,sie ist liebenswert..besonders der weihnachtsmarkt immer ein erlebniss det [more ]
Günter Grass Haus 4.0 stars
Museum, Gallery, Exhibition - #2 of 13
This was one of those places I only went to because my girlfriend wanted to go. You know what I mean. Günter-Grass-Haus is found on Glockengiesserstrasse (try saying that three times) in the city of Lübeck, North Germany. From the outside it is ... [more ]
St. Annen Museum 4.0 stars
Monastery - #3 of 13
The architecture in the North German town of Lübeck never fails to impress me. It is a town of churches and spires, of brick and cobblestone, of browns and greens. The St Annen Museum might not be as beautiful as some of the other buildings in ... [more ]
Buddenbrookhaus 4.0 stars
Museum, Gallery, Exhibition - #4 of 13
I must admit, prior to visiting the North German city of Lübeck, I had never heard of the writer Thomas Mann (but then, I hadn't heard of Günter Grass either). However, since then, whenever I mention I have been there, people always say "Oh, ... [more ]
Burgkloster 4.0 stars
Castle, Fortification, Palace - #5 of 13
The sun was shining in Lübeck for once, and I headed down to the Burgkloster for a bit of a look around. I had been told that it was once one of the most important monasteries in North Germany, and had been built in 1229, so I figured I might as ... [more ]
Salzspeicher 5.0 stars
Building - #6 of 13
Near the Holstentor in Lübeck, North Germany, is a series of buildings that rise from the banks of the River Trave, their peculiar shapes catching the eyes of the passerbys. These are the Salzspeicher, or salt lofts, and are worth a bit of a look ... [more ]
Lübeck Cathedral 5.0 stars
Church, Cathedral, Chapel - #7 of 13
If you were to gaze out at the skyline of Lübeck in North Germany, you would notice the seven church spires that stand up tall and straight against the clouds. Their green roofs are a part of the city that have stood for generations as icons for ... [more ]
St. Aegideon 5.0 stars
Church, Cathedral, Chapel - #8 of 13
The city of Lübeck in North Germany has an amazing skyline, with the tall spires of seven churches set out against the clouds that swirl in from the Baltic Sea. St Aegideon, found on Aegideonstrasse, is the smallest of the churches in Lübeck, ... [more ]
Puppenbrücke 5.0 stars
Bridge - #9 of 13
The first thing that caught my eye in the North German city of Lübeck was not the tall spires of the churches reaching towards Heaven. Nor was it the ancient architecture, so European and classical. It wasn't even the romantic River Trave, or the ... [more ]
Katharinenkirche 5.0 stars
Church, Cathedral, Chapel - #10 of 13
The Katharinenkirche is often overlooked because of the Marienkirche and the Dom, but remains one of my favourite churches in the city of Lübeck in North Germany. The reason for this is not so much that it is Lübeck's only preserved monastery ... [more ]
Niederegger Marzipan Museum 4.0 stars
Museum, Gallery, Exhibition - #11 of 13
Ahh, marzipan... such sweetness, such a temptation, such a brilliant reason to visit the town of Lübeck in North Germany. Lübeck and this sweet confectionary have gone hand in hand since the early 1800s, and the Niederegger shop opposite the ... [more ]
Lübecker Rathaus 4.0 stars
City Hall - #12 of 13
Lübeck once was the richest city on the Baltic shore, reigning over the Hanseatic trade network. These wealths show around town, mainly in architecture sustaining the centuries. The city hall is representative of these richer times, it is a huge ... [more ]
Museum am Dom 4.0 stars
Museum, Gallery, Exhibition - #13 of 13
As if the cathedral that stands over the North German city of Lübeck isn't magnificent enough, there is a really interesting museum next to it. Situated on Hartengrube, the Lübeck Dom has a peculiar double spire, and is one of the seven churches ... [more ]
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