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Luxor Attractions

4.0 stars
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Valley of the Kings 4.0 stars
Prehistoric, Classical Antiquity Site - #1 of 10
The Valley of the Kings is a very worthwhile tourist destination. There are several things to be aware of, however, which will make your journey much more pleasant. First: Bring your own water, as the valley is hot and dusty, and the ... [more ]
Karnak Temple 4.0 stars
Prehistoric, Classical Antiquity Site - #2 of 10
I didn't really know what to expect when my traveling companion and I set out for Karnak Temple complex early one morning. I was certainly surprised by the scale of the place! As far as I'm aware, this is the largest temple complex in Egypt. ... [more ]
Luxor Temple 4.0 stars
Prehistoric, Classical Antiquity Site - #3 of 10
By day, Luxor Temple is just one more in a long string of temples to see in Luxor. But at night, it becomes something else altogether! Luxor Temple is mercifully spared the horrid sound effects that accompany the kitschy light show at Karnak, ... [more ]
Colossi of Memnon 4.0 stars
Sculpture, Monument, Statue, Memorial Place - #4 of 10
These are very impressive statues which were once part of a massive temple complex. They now stand virtually alone on the plain, and they are well worth a short detour off the main road. Go early if you can, around 8am, to appreciate these ... [more ]
Tombs of the Nobles 4.0 stars
Prehistoric, Classical Antiquity Site - #5 of 10
The Tombs of the Nobles are often passed over in favour of the more famous tombs in the Valley of the Kings. While these tombs are certainly not as large or as richly decorated as those of the pharaoh's, they are often better preserved because ... [more ]
Cario to Luxor Trains 4.0 stars
Train Station - #6 of 10
There are several ways to get to Luxor from Cairo. In my opinion, the most efficient is the overnight train from Cairo direct to Luxor. The train leaves from Giza station around 10.30pm and arrives in Luxor around 6am. The accommodation ... [more ]
Nobi's Stables 4.0 stars
Other Urban Landmark - #7 of 10
Nobi's stables is a great place to rent a horse for a ride. You can ride alongside the Nile or out into the desert. We chose to ride into the desert and watch the sunset. It was beautiful! The horses are healthy, which is often not the case ... [more ]
Medinat Habu 4.0 stars
Prehistoric, Classical Antiquity Site - #8 of 10
Because it is slightly off the main road to the Valley of the Kings, Medinat Habu is a site which tourists often miss. But it is well worth your time! The temple is built on the break between the green farmland surrounding the small towns of ... [more ]
Ramesseum 3.0 stars
Prehistoric, Classical Antiquity Site - #9 of 10
This complex, built by Ramses II as a testament to his eternal strength, has perhaps not stood the test of time so well as its creator would have hoped. The ruins are not nearly so impressive as those at Medinat Habu, just a short distance down ... [more ]
Antiquities Office/Ticket Office for the West Bank 3.0 stars
Government Building - #10 of 10
Tickets for the most popular destinations on the West Bank, including the Valley of the Kings and the Valley of the Queens, are available for purchase at the sites themselves. Beware, however, that tickets for many sites on the West Bank can ... [more ]
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