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Machupicchu Attractions

5.0 stars
All | Prehistoric, Classical Antiquity Site | Religious Site
Machu Picchu 5.0 stars
Prehistoric, Classical Antiquity Site - #1 of 2
A trip to Machu Picchu is a once in a lifetime opportunity, but choose how you get there carefully. There are three options to get up there, the 4 day trek (the famous Inca Trail), the 2 day trek and a train straight up to Macchu Picchu. I ... [more ]
Temple of the Moon 5.0 stars
Religious Site - #2 of 2
Making travel books and maps is a good business for the locals but please take care and don’t take everything for granted. You’d better ask before embarking on a trail on your own. This tourist trap will not cost you lots of money but you may ... [more ]
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