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Madrid Restaurants

4.0 stars

Top Restaurants in Madrid

Artemisa 4.0 stars
Italian - #1 of 20 Restaurants in Madrid
It is one of the first vegetarian in Madrid and they have kept the quality, abundant food, well cooked and well served. [more ]
Museo del Jamon 4.0 stars
Spanish - #2 of 20 Restaurants in Madrid
After walking along Madrid, I would recommend a stop in one of the Museo del Jamon, a chain of restaurant, delicatessen and café that offers a great typical food. The place is a reference in Spain due to the impressive range of Jamons (hams), ... [more ]
Horcher Restaurant 5.0 stars
German - #3 of 20 Restaurants in Madrid
The success of this elegant restaurant has lasted for some fifty years, and its cuisine is still inspired by traditional Central European recipes. In season, diners savor such game as partridge and venison and the famous Don Victor consomme, ... [more ]
Fast Good, Madrid 5.0 stars
Fast Food - #4 of 20 Restaurants in Madrid
If you like healthy food with good fresh ingredients that still tastes good - this is a place for you - it's also non smoking! Modern bright lime green and white decor, but the idea is that you don't stay there that long - Fast Good (food)! Even ... [more ]
Sukothay 5.0 stars
Thai - #5 of 20 Restaurants in Madrid
A Japanese and Thai kitchen means it HAS to be sparkling clean and excellent quality food - and it is! Ultra modern but stylish decor, comfortable seating and very sutle but attentive service. Quite expensive but not silly - the house wine is ... [more ]
Orixe restaurante 5.0 stars
Mediterranean - #6 of 20 Restaurants in Madrid
Cava Baja is a street just full of bars and restaurants so its difficult to choose. However, this one I tried, wanting something other than tapas and was not disappointed! Inventive menu, galician specialties and homemade deserts were all very ... [more ]
Iroco 5.0 stars
Ethopian - #7 of 20 Restaurants in Madrid
Iroco is the most celebrated restaurant in which to rub elbows with everyone who is anyone in Madrid. By night, Inigo Guells decor serves as the backdrop for high-society night owls, actresses and models who come to nibble vegetable tempura or a ... [more ]
Caripen restaurant 5.0 stars
French - #8 of 20 Restaurants in Madrid
Lola Flores's famous restaurant is now owned by Daniel Boute, an expatriate Frenchman. Two unabashedly gay waiters serve up duck breast and fois gras dishes, washed down with French and Spanish wines. You will eat to the soundtrack of rumba, ... [more ]
Tai Pan 5.0 stars
Thai - #9 of 20 Restaurants in Madrid
I love places with a set menu! This is one of a zillion restaurants in Madrid's Chinatown/Asiatown, but for some reason we felt the need to go to this one twice because the two-person set menu banquet was so unbelievably good. We had a lot of ... [more ]
Churros con Chocolate 5.0 stars
Local - #10 of 20 Restaurants in Madrid
This is what you should definitely try after a night out on the tiles which finishes early in the morning. I wasn't sure about it at first because I normally prefer something savoury to something sweet after a night out, but being that most ... [more ]
Zara 5.0 stars
South American - #11 of 20 Restaurants in Madrid
A simple cheap, authentic Cuban restaurant with a minuscule dining room. Patrons dine family-style squeezed in between their table mates, who include regulars, hip folk and intellectuals. The owners, who are now elderly, welcome you as though ... [more ]
Restaurante La Chata 4.0 stars
Spanish - #12 of 20 Restaurants in Madrid
La Chata restaurant is one of those typical Spanish tapas bar and restaurant with rustic deco, bullring pictures, serrano ham legs hanging from the walls and tiles. La Chata was very busy when we arrived. This restaurant had two floors. The ... [more ]
Depintxos 4.0 stars
Spanish - #13 of 20 Restaurants in Madrid
I keep returning to this Tapas Bar, as its young and trendy atmosphere is complimented by its great quality and variety of food - from the Basque region - the Tapas on toast (my favorite is the toasted brie with jam), to their larger dishes, its ... [more ]
La Trainera 4.0 stars
#14 of 20 Restaurants in Madrid
The noisy atmosphere and the bare, roughhewn tables conjure up just another average tavern. Appearances can be deceiving, this is one of Madrid's best seafood restaurants, where the ocean's bounty arrives each morning by private plane. The ... [more ]
Jose Luis 4.0 stars
Spanish - #15 of 20 Restaurants in Madrid
Madrid offers so many Tapas Bars its difficult to choose - but here's a chain that has authentic style, service and food in its many locations. Guaranteed good food and ambience i the true noisy spanish style... Be aware that smoking is allowed ... [more ]
Viridiana 4.0 stars
Local - #16 of 20 Restaurants in Madrid
Chef-owner Abraham Garcia is a colorful character on the local gastronomic scene. This inventive cook is also a horse race chronicler and an occasional extra on his pal Almodovar's films. The cinema has always inspired Garcia, who named his ... [more ]
La Bardemcilla 4.0 stars
Spanish - #17 of 20 Restaurants in Madrid
Pilar Bardem is one of the best actresses on the Spanish film scene and one of her two sons, Javier, has just achieved star status after his leading roles in Bigas Luna's Jamon, Jamon, and Carne Tremula by Pedro Almodovar. His brother Carlos and ... [more ]
Paulino Restaurant 4.0 stars
Spanish - #18 of 20 Restaurants in Madrid
Strategically located behind the restaurant Santceloni, Paulino is a favourite of many Madrilenos, especially film makers, writers and musicians. Dishes include lasagna with blood sausage, steamed bass with leek sauce, Iberian pork with fennel ... [more ]
Come Prima 4.0 stars
Italian - #19 of 20 Restaurants in Madrid
All you need to know is that this Italian restaurant manages to ride out the turbulence of Madrid social life year after year and still collects superlatives. Its trattoria decor was designed by Sonia Bahamonde. Angelo, the Sicilian who runs the ... [more ]
Olsen 3.0 stars
Nordic - #20 of 20 Restaurants in Madrid
We wanted to try this place because we had just come from Norway and we wanted to see what the Spanish version of Norwegian food was like. The verdict: the menu was more like general European, maybe even northern European, but not particularly ... [more ]
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