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Madrid Clubs

4.0 stars

Club reviews from insiders

Joy Eslava 3.0 stars
#1 of 5 Clubs in Madrid
If you are out and about in central Madrid after midnight (clubs dont really get going here until after 1am!) then give Joy a go. This club offers ladies free entry (well at least that was my experience!) and the club is really snazzy and clean. ... [more ]
Stella 5.0 stars
#2 of 5 Clubs in Madrid
DJs from all over the world rush to this club dedicated to house music and decorated by Tomas Alia, the designer of the moment. His global esthetic vision is expressed in three, even four, dimensions, with white space; projections of virtual ... [more ]
Museo Chicote 5.0 stars
#3 of 5 Clubs in Madrid
Ava Gardner, Orson Welles and the torero Dominguin have all passed through the revolving door of the Museo Chicote. Their spirits still haunt the place, in the company of the very-much-alive Madrilenos who continue to celebrate the cult of the ... [more ]
Pacha 4.0 stars
#4 of 5 Clubs in Madrid
Pacha has been a temple of Madrid nightlife ever since it opened. Pedro Garcia-Tapia attracts the "right" people (namely fashion folk, inveterate night owls and the city's golden youth), who come back year after year. Today you can find Pachas ... [more ]
Cool 4.0 stars
#5 of 5 Clubs in Madrid
Cool nightclub is a fun and funky place to go, situated right in the heart of central Madrid. This gay club is definitely a place for all the beautiful people to be seen, but don't let that put you off as it has a very fun atmosphere and is a ... [more ]
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