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Kenya Travel Tips

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Insider advice for your Kenya vacation

who can help me???
I need to help!
Who can help me i search for a apartment in nairobi!
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For stay in nairobi kenya /kasarani!
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Thnx for all

greetings alex from austria


How to Organize for a Wedding in Kenya 5 stars
Kenya is a free and democratic society that allows citizens freedom of choice as to how they want to lead their lives. It is from this view that wedding in Kenya has been transformed into such joyous and adventurous experience as there can never be lack of wedding options for love birds out to tie the knot. Some of the common weddings observed in Kenya include church wedding, civil wedding, safari wedding, customary wedding, tribal wedding, beach wedding, Indian wedding, Islamic wedding and hot air balloon wedding. All these wedding alternatives are subject to the laws of Kenya and all residents and non-resident couples must ensure that they observe the Kenyan wedding laws as stipulated in the wedding act where Cap 150 applies to Kenyan citizens and Cap 151 applies to foreigners. With the exception of Islamic, Hindu and African customary weddings, all other forms of weddings must be registered with the office of the registrar of marriages. All weddings must however be graced with wedding certificates either during or after the wedding. Civil wedding usually held at the registrar’s office, is the shortest, cheapest and simplest form of wedding in Kenya.
Any foreign couples wishing to tie the knot from Kenya must serve a 21 day notice to the office of the registrar of marriages and subsequently required by law to reside in the country for a minimum of 21days before the marriage date. Foreigners who cannot meet this requirement can alternatively apply for a special license which will require them to reside in the country for only four days before the actual date of wedding. Wedding couples are expected to be 21 years and over and are also required to provide the following documentations at the office of registrar of wedding: valid passport; birth certificate; authorized affidavit of single status declaration; court stamped decree of absolute for divorcees from previous marriages; wedding certificate of previous marriage and death certificate for widowed individuals; and for cases of change of name through poll deed or adoption, such individuals must provide solicitor-authenticated proof.


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