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Kenya Restaurants

4.0 stars

Top Restaurants in Kenya

Gateway Butchery 4.0 stars
African, Restaurant in Nairobi Region
Gateway Butchery is my favorite destination for sampling Kenya’s favorite delicacy, ‘Nyama Choma’ which is usually served with ‘Ugali’ or any other food of your choice. Customers get to choose either roasted meat, boiled meat or fried meat. Wide ... [more ]
Tamarind 4.0 stars
African, Restaurant in Nairobi Region
I usually frequent the Tamarind Restaurant because it is the epitome of entertainment in Nairobi city. I usually share a drink or two with friends at the restaurant after a busy day. The restaurant is usually at its best during weekends and on ... [more ]
Maasai Mara Serena Lodge 5.0 stars
International, Restaurant in Narok
Hot air balloon wedding is one of the best alternatives that I would recommend for couples seeking for a unique experience of the event of a lifetime. In Kenya, hot air balloon weddings are usually hosted in the expansive national parks and game ... [more ]
Tawa & Tandoor Indian Restaurant 4.0 stars
Indian, Restaurant in Nairobi Region
For anyone who watches Bollywood Indian movies, it would not be difficult to acknowledge the preciseness with which Indian foods are prepared. My numerous visits to the Tawa and Tandoor Indian Restaurant along Nairobi’s Westlands suburbs provided ... [more ]
Kengeles Restaurant 4.0 stars
Fast Food, Restaurant in Nairobi Region
The Kengeles Restaurant in Mombasa Road provides a reprieve to many motorists because not only does the restaurant serve as a jam rescue during rushing hours; it also serves as a gas station. Mombasa Road actually connects the country’s main ... [more ]
Shehnai Restaurant 4.0 stars
International, Restaurant in Malindi
Shehnai Restaurant is an award winning restaurant serving exquisite Indian cuisine. The Shehnai Restaurant is one of a kind restaurant because the restaurant’s chefs endeavor to offer customers with exotic yet extremely fascinating tastes of ... [more ]
Il Covo Beach Bar and Restaurant 4.0 stars
International, Restaurant in Bamburi
The Il Covo Bar and Restaurant is a favorite beachside eating out and entertainment destination among revelers at the coast. The restaurant is situated along the famous Bamburi Beach and indeed, the one thing that I liked about it is its ... [more ]
Hunter’s Steak House 4.0 stars
Steaks, Restaurant in Malindi
The Hunter’s Steak House comes across as a fine dining joint featuring stylish and elegantly complimented atmosphere offering an exciting relaxation experience to customers. The restaurant stands out as one of the few restaurants in Kenya’s ... [more ]
Sea Heaven 4.0 stars
International, Restaurant in Shanzu
Kenya’s North Coast is always abuzz with tourism and fun activities and the Sea Heaven Restaurant stands out as a favorite eating out destinations for tourists and locals alike. Relishing in the glory of being one of the few spectacular seafood ... [more ]
Galaxy Diani Restaurant Ltd 4.0 stars
Chinese, Restaurant in Ukunda
I am one person who avoids Chinese restaurants because I have never wanted to embarrass myself with the tricky affair of eating using those small Chinese chopsticks. So, when I visited the Galaxy Diani Restaurant in Mombasa, I discovered too late ... [more ]
Hong Kong Restaurant 4.0 stars
Chinese, Restaurant in Nairobi Region
I will always credit conspicuously dressed concierges who are ever present on the tightly guarded entrance of the Nairobi Chinese restaurant along Nairobi’s Koinange Street for having influenced my curiosity to visit the restaurant. Their flashy ... [more ]
Haandi Indian Restaurant 4.0 stars
Indian, Restaurant in Nairobi Region
As a committed reveler and traveler, I have come to discover that there is so much mystery and controversy that surrounds the nature and composition of Indian cuisine. Whereas some people believe that Indian cuisine is strictly vegetarian, many ... [more ]
Blue Room Restaurant 3.0 stars
International, Restaurant in Mombasa
Blue Room Restaurant is a haven for casual dining in Kenya’s coastal city of Mombasa. The restaurant’s convenient location in the city’s downtown makes it accessible to diners leaving and going to the busy public and private beaches along the ... [more ]
Nairobi Java Coffee House 3.0 stars
International, Restaurant in Nairobi Region
Java Coffee House is a popular destination for varieties of black, green and white coffee but also a host of many other delicious snacks and meals. Frequented mostly by Kenya’s working class, the coffee house is always full to capacity in the ... [more ]
Carnivore Restaurant 3.0 stars
English, Restaurant in Nairobi Region
When I went to Nairobi, was able to drop by the famed Carnivore Restaurant! This super famous restaurant is known for its equally super barbeque of various meats including not just the typical chicken, beef and pork but more exotic fare like ... [more ]
Safari Inn Restaurant 3.0 stars
International, Restaurant in Mombasa
Safari Inn Restaurant is the ultimate destination for casual dining adherents. Situated right in the heart of the tourism rich Mtwapa area of Mombasa, Safari Inn treats guests to wide ranging dining experience. I was particularly delighted by the ... [more ]
Simmers Restaurant 3.0 stars
African, Restaurant in Nairobi Region
Simmers Restaurant is a lively restaurant conveniently situated in the heart of Nairobi’s downtown. The restaurant is my favorite spot for hooking up with friends for evening chats while enjoying fresh air in the stylish tents set on a pavement. ... [more ]
New Jiang Su Chinese Restaurant 3.0 stars
Chinese, Restaurant in Nairobi Region
I have always credited the Chinese for their creativity in creating first time impressions and capturing people’s imagination, and I found the New Jiang Su Chinese Restaurant to be a perfection of my observation! The tasteful flashy decorations ... [more ]
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