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Kenya Attractions

4.0 stars
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Chemorogok 3.0 stars
Kenya’s Rift Valley is one of the best destinations for outdoors fun activities, thanks to its volcanic geographic wonders. I have always found the Chemorogok to be such a perfect point for marveling at some of beautiful geographical endowments ... [more ]
Hell's Gate 4.0 stars
I have always found the Hell’s Gate Park to be such a convenient location for weekend gets away trips because of to its convenient location and distance from Nairobi City. Hell’s Gate Park is situated only one hour away from Nairobi and it is ... [more ]
Langata Giraffe Center 4.0 stars
The Langata Giraffe Center is a one of a kind animal orphanage in Africa. The center serves as a home for young orphaned giraffes and many endangered wildlife species but also as a recuperating center for sick or injured wild animals from the ... [more ]
Buffalo Springs 4.0 stars
As a frequent traveler, I had long held the assumption that I had traveled all the places that matter in Kenya. However, when I visited the Buffalo Springs in Isiolo that I noticed that the country has just too many amazing destinations. Buffalo ... [more ]
Longonot 3.0 stars
I have had numerous opportunities to climb Mt. Longonot and I would bet to anyone that it is such a fascinating experience. I belong to a SACCO society, which organizes and sponsors at least one trip annually to Mt. Longonot for mountain climbing ... [more ]
Wilson Airport 5.0 stars
The Wilson Airport is a busy hub for air travel and serves not only the routine travel destinations, but also the major wildlife attraction in the country. I have used the Wilson Airport severally while traveling to the Maasai Mara National Park, ... [more ]
Nyayo National Stadium 5.0 stars
The Nyayo National Stadium is Kenya’s leading sport arena and its convenience location close to the city center makes it such a perfect destination for weekend afternoon entertainment. The stadium host various sports activities including ... [more ]
Holy Family Basilica 5.0 stars
The Holy Family Basilica is one of the oldest worship houses in Nairobi and despite its ancient appearance the cathedral still serves thousands of worshippers. The basilica is a gothic era architectural wonder that has stood the test of time. ... [more ]
Moi International Sports Center Kasarani 5.0 stars
The Moi International Sports Center was once my favorite gymnasium, although I stopped going to that particular gym after a relocated to my current home, which is quite a distance from Nairobi city. Nonetheless, I still nostalgic about my past ... [more ]
Athletics Kenya Museum 5.0 stars
Kenya is famous for her athletics prowess and a tour of the country would be incomplete without a visit to the Athletics Kenya Museum where the country’s athletic heritage is defined with vivid fondness and deserved emphasis. Although the museum ... [more ]
Amboseli 4.0 stars
Despite having visited the Amboseli National Park only once, I still hold vivid memories of my tour in the park because of the extensive trails that my friends and I undertook in the park under the guidance of several volunteers form the local ... [more ]
Shaba 4.0 stars
I could not resist the temptations of visiting Shaba Game Reserve despite the fact that the game reserve is situated approximately 340 kilometers away from Nairobi. This is because the game reserve is one of the destinations I had earmarked for ... [more ]
Karen Blixen Museum 4.0 stars
Karen Blixen Museum was established as a tribute to a famous traveler and bush adventurer who is also credited for the Out of Africa movie and documentary series. The museum is housed in renovated 19th century building which once served as Karen ... [more ]
Ndere Island 4.0 stars
Ndere Island National Park is one of the most fascinating destinations I have ever visited in Kenya. My friends and I took a boat ride across Lake Victoria to the island and I must confess that everything right from the beginning of the journey ... [more ]
Kakamega 4.0 stars
My visit to the Kakamega Forest Reserve was influenced by the desire to get a one on one glimpse of the rare De Brazza monkeys that are hosted in the expansive forest in western Kenya. I also had the opportunity to see red tailed monkeys and ... [more ]
Mount Kenya 4.0 stars
During my tour of the Mount Kenya national park, I observed that the park boasts a balanced presence of flora and fauna. The expansive tropical forest that occupies most of the park provides habitat to vary many different wildlife species. The ... [more ]
Lake Nakuru 4.0 stars
The several occasions during which I have visited the bird sanctuary at Lake Nakuru national park, my particular interest has always been directed to the flamingo birds that are hosted in the lake. The crowded flamingoes that flock the shores of ... [more ]
Mombasa 4.0 stars
The Mombasa Marine Park is one place that I always visit whenever I land in the coastal city of Mombasa due to its accessible location within the city. I always enjoy the boat journey from the mainland to the park which is situated few hundred ... [more ]
Samburu 4.0 stars
Samburu Game Reserve is one of the destinations that I visited during my extensive tour of wildlife destinations in Eastern Kenya. The game reserve is situated about 300 kilometers from Nairobi. I must admit that as much as I had lots of fun, I ... [more ]
Ruma 4.0 stars
My visit to Ruma National Park was an event that occurred by chance after I was persuaded by a friend who is fond of the park to join him for a ride to the park. I really enjoyed the impromptu visit to the park because it was during the tour that ... [more ]
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