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Mainz Restaurants

4.0 stars

Top Restaurants in Mainz

Rheingold 4.0 stars
German - #1 of 12 Restaurants in Mainz
Rheingold is a very nice restaurant right at the Rhein river. Once we’ve noticed it on our way along the promenade in summer and decided to stop for an evening drink. The restaurant itself is on the second floor above the bar. They have a very ... [more ]
Thai Express 4.0 stars
Asian - #2 of 12 Restaurants in Mainz
In the shopping district in Mainz, it can be hard to find a good, cheap, quick place to eat but there's one super tasty option, the Thai Express on Franziskanerstr, near Roemer passage. The tables outside are starting to get in to use again as ... [more ]
Proviant Magazin 5.0 stars
German - #3 of 12 Restaurants in Mainz
We had breakfast in Proviant Magazin restaurant one summer day on weekend. It was very well organized and nicely served. It reminded me of the breakfast in a luxury five star hotel. There was always enough food for everyone, as they were ... [more ]
Pan Asia 5.0 stars
Japanese - #4 of 12 Restaurants in Mainz
That's and Asian restaurant at Neubrunnenstraße. Half a year ago it was an Italian restaurant on the same place, quite a good one. So when one day it has disappeared everyone was very upset and nothing new on this place didn't seem to be worth ... [more ]
Lomo 4.0 stars
Italian - #5 of 12 Restaurants in Mainz
The multi-functional Lomo complex screams its own name in big letters above the entrance to the building. This split level hangout located on Ballplatz covers its bases with a booky cafe upstairs and a slick bar underneath. The cafe features ... [more ]
Uniiversity Mensa 4.0 stars
German - #6 of 12 Restaurants in Mainz
Wandering around Germany with little access to kitchens, fridges and good quality cutlery left me with fairly limited options in regards to eating and keeping up my vitiman B. I've stopped in Mainz for enough time now to have sourced the ... [more ]
Domo 4.0 stars
Japanese - #7 of 12 Restaurants in Mainz
Domo Sushi is situated on a small street just next to Neubrunnenstraße. It is quite spacey - two floors with tables. I think this is the best Sushi place in Mainz. The choice though is typical for German sushi bars (which means not so broad), ... [more ]
Mosch Mosch 4.0 stars
Italian - #8 of 12 Restaurants in Mainz
Mmmmmmmm, Mosch Mosch had our taste buds going from the time we walked in. The clean-lined Japanese noodle bar in Mainz is getting a reputation for its tasty delicacies including the green tea ice cream which is spoken of quite highly in the ... [more ]
Bodega 4.0 stars
German - #9 of 12 Restaurants in Mainz
When we heard the name Bodega, we thought we were about to enjoy some tapas, but we were absolutely wrong. I have no idea how did they come up with this Spanish name for the restaurant! They serve traditional German food. Although the name was ... [more ]
Cantina y bar Mexicano 4.0 stars
Mexican - #10 of 12 Restaurants in Mainz
To make up for my bad comments about the Mainzer Dom, my girlfriend is from this area and probably not too happy about my honest opinion, I can point out something good about Mainz. I did enjoy highly the Mainz marketplace. Here you can buy ... [more ]
Al Angolo 3.0 stars
Italian - #11 of 12 Restaurants in Mainz
Al Angolo is an Italian restaurant at the cute old Augustinegasse. It is located almost at the end of the street, so if you are hungry "by the end of the street" that will be the first place to try. I found the interior quite simple but what ... [more ]
Vis a Vis Pizza 3.0 stars
Italian - #12 of 12 Restaurants in Mainz
On Vor der Frecht 6, sits an family looking little restaurant selling a good selection of pizza's from 4-7 Euro. The customers are hidden from the street with a lace curtain in the window. Inside there is a 70's wood bar behind which all cooking ... [more ]
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