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Makati Restaurants

5.0 stars

Top Restaurants in Makati

Outback Steakhouse 4.0 stars
North American - #21 of 29 Restaurants in Makati
When I hear the word “steaks,” I usually think of the English and Americans. Then again, I do not have to speak in British accent or travel far to the United Kingdom, the US, or even Australia to experience steak goodness at its best because it ... [more ]
Chicken Bacolod 4.0 stars
Local - #22 of 29 Restaurants in Makati
Bacolod is famous for two things: the Masskara Festival and its grilled chicken dish. While you cannot experience the former without taking the trip to the Visayan region, you can easily have the latter right at the metropolis through the hip ... [more ]
Masas Restaurant 4.0 stars
Local - #23 of 29 Restaurants in Makati
Masas Restaurant is one of the fabulous restaurants in Greenbelt two. The one that really caught my eye was the clean, soft, natural interior of the place. It was so warm-looking that it made me so at ease while I enjoyed my favorite set of food. ... [more ]
Gloria Maris 4.0 stars
Chinese - #24 of 29 Restaurants in Makati
I have never known Chinese fine dining until I visited Gloria Maris. This very wonderful house of Chinese meals is the perfect place for people who crave for the Oriental goodness. Gloria Maris houses countless delectable Chinese dishes—each is ... [more ]
D'Mark Pizza 4.0 stars
Italian - #25 of 29 Restaurants in Makati
Another restaurant located on the second level of the Greenbelt area in Makati, D'Mark is a pizzeria that we always find crowded with people--whatever the time of the day is. Perhaps, that fact alone peaked our curiosity about the restaurant so a ... [more ]
Ebun 4.0 stars
Local - #26 of 29 Restaurants in Makati
Located in the heart of the Greenbelt malls in the posh city of Makati, Ebun is a restaurant that you sure would not want to pass up eating in. Personally, I recommend the place for those who would like to try dishes from Pampanga, a nearby ... [more ]
Mann Yann 3.0 stars
Chinese - #27 of 29 Restaurants in Makati
All across the Metro Manila streets one would see a place called Mann Yann. It is a great Chinese restaurant that serves nothing but the top quality Chinese dishes. A dish that must be tried in this restaurant is the Salted Fish Fried Rice which ... [more ]
Sumo Sam 3.0 stars
Japanese - #28 of 29 Restaurants in Makati
Japanese food is always good food for me. I love the texture, the flavors, and the taste. About two weeks ago, a friend and I had dinner at Sumo Sam at the Power Plant Mall in Rockwell, Makati City. The restaurant offers the basics of a Japanese ... [more ]
Café Breton 3.0 stars
European - #29 of 29 Restaurants in Makati
I love luxurious European breakfast—sausages, pancakes, crepes, toasted baguette, and more scrumptious meals. So when I visited Café Breton, I fell in love with the food. Café Breton is open the whole day but I recommend that you go there for ... [more ]
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