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Makati Restaurants

5.0 stars

Top Restaurants in Makati

California Pizza Kitchen 4.0 stars
North American - #1 of 29 Restaurants in Makati
CPK (California Pizza Kitchen) has a few branches across Metro Manila. A few branches of note are in Glorietta Mall and Shangri-la Mall. It is the original upper class pizza place in Manila, way before Yellow Cab Pizza. The best dish that the ... [more ]
Kamayan Restaurant 5.0 stars
Local - #2 of 29 Restaurants in Makati
Looking for a place to eat lunch and have a meeting for four people to discuss a project. I prefer one that serves seafood and Philippine cuisine. [more ]
Dencio's 5.0 stars
Asian - #3 of 29 Restaurants in Makati
Dencio’s in the Philippines is well-known for its bulalo. It is a Filipino way of cooking cow bones. If you think cow bones are useless, think again. In this country, cow bones are boiled in water, added with some seasonings, and viola! You have ... [more ]
Grappa's 5.0 stars
Italian - #4 of 29 Restaurants in Makati
Those who are familiar with Grappa’s would know that some things should be taken into moderation; however, I'm not so sure if some could actually resist not making Grappa's their regular routine. Located in the Greenbelt mall in Makati, Grappa's ... [more ]
Tony Roma's 5.0 stars
Steaks - #5 of 29 Restaurants in Makati
There are several branches of Tony Roma’s in the high class areas of urban Manila. One branch is in Makati City in the Glorietta mall. Tony Roma’s is known for its world famous ribs. The baby back ribs are easy to cut and chew, but the greatness ... [more ]
North Park 5.0 stars
Chinese - #6 of 29 Restaurants in Makati
Even if North Park does not claim itself to be fast food, it serves excellent Chinese food to diners in an instant. The menu, however, can be intimidating as there are probably over 100 items. The restaurant’s specialty is their Sweet & Sour Pork ... [more ]
Thank God Its Fridays 5.0 stars
Steaks - #7 of 29 Restaurants in Makati
Thank God It’s Friday (TGIF) is a franchise restaurant from the United States which has established itself in various areas of Manila such as Glorietta Mall in Makati and Bonifacio High Street in Fort Bonifacio Global City. The food is generally ... [more ]
Via Mare 5.0 stars
Local - #8 of 29 Restaurants in Makati
It is quite amazing that in the middle of a shopping spree, you will just find yourself digging up something else—food—not because you are hungry for it but because it is just right there! Especially that Via Mare is situated right in the middle ... [more ]
Pho 24 5.0 stars
Vietnamese - #9 of 29 Restaurants in Makati
Vietnamese cuisine is not an ordinary thing in the Philippines. Only a few are able to appreciate the interesting flavors of Vietnam. I am proudly one of them since I got to experience Pho 24. Pho is a kind of Vietnamese noodle soup that has the ... [more ]
Makati Shangri-La Lobby Lounge 5.0 stars
Local - #10 of 29 Restaurants in Makati
Breakfast is usually not the most interesting meal of the day even when all of us are taught that it is the most important mealtime to get us through the day. I, however, had some of the most interesting breakfasts at the Makati Shangri-La Lobby ... [more ]
Seafood Club by Red Crab 5.0 stars
Seafood - #11 of 29 Restaurants in Makati
For seafood lovers, one of the must-try restaurants in Metro Manila is Seafood Club. Located in one of the posh malls in the metro, Seafood Club is the haven for those who can't get enough of crabs. I am telling you, Seafood Club has endless and ... [more ]
Adobo Republic 5.0 stars
Local - #12 of 29 Restaurants in Makati
Adobo is a staple Filipino food, and it’s one of my favorite local dishes. Where else can you find the best adobo in the country but only in Adobo Republic? Like most Filipinos, I have become accustomed to bringing some foreign friends in this ... [more ]
Schwarzwalder Restaurant 5.0 stars
German - #13 of 29 Restaurants in Makati
Since I’m always on a tight budget, I seldom eat at European restaurants. That’s why when I get my chance, I never let it go. So when my mother asked me to join her for a meal at Schwarzwalder Restaurant, I didn’t hesitated. The name itself was ... [more ]
Little Tokyo 5.0 stars
Japanese - #14 of 29 Restaurants in Makati
Japanese cuisine is very interesting. I’m sure a lot of you would agree to that. It offers many unique concoctions that I never thought would possibly taste good to the palette. For the pleasure of Japanese food, I go to Little Tokyo. This quaint ... [more ]
D'Mark Pizza 4.0 stars
Italian - #15 of 29 Restaurants in Makati
Another restaurant located on the second level of the Greenbelt area in Makati, D'Mark is a pizzeria that we always find crowded with people--whatever the time of the day is. Perhaps, that fact alone peaked our curiosity about the restaurant so a ... [more ]
Ebun 4.0 stars
Local - #16 of 29 Restaurants in Makati
Located in the heart of the Greenbelt malls in the posh city of Makati, Ebun is a restaurant that you sure would not want to pass up eating in. Personally, I recommend the place for those who would like to try dishes from Pampanga, a nearby ... [more ]
Rai Rai Ken 4.0 stars
Japanese - #17 of 29 Restaurants in Makati
If you love Japanese cuisine but do not have much to splurge on it, visit Rai Rai Ken. This Japanese chain of restaurants, which is spread throughout the country, is a nice place to enjoy bento and sushis at very reasonable prices. While the food ... [more ]
Melo's 4.0 stars
North American - #18 of 29 Restaurants in Makati
A luxurious diner should know where to go when looking for a place to eat. If you are clueless as to where you can find the most delectable steaks in Manila, go to Melo’s. This resto has three branches in the metropolis, one in Alabang, the other ... [more ]
Pepato 4.0 stars
Italian - #19 of 29 Restaurants in Makati
Italian cuisine is indeed a favorite among Filipinos. A bunch of restaurants offering Italian dishes is a stone-proof. Pepato, located at the ground floor of Greenbelt 2, is one of the many restaurants that sell because of its authentic Italian ... [more ]
Spaghetti Factory 4.0 stars
Italian - #20 of 29 Restaurants in Makati
The first branch of Spaghetti Factory was put up in Glorietta mall in Makati city. The restaurant is unique because it allows diners to choose what kind of pasta and what kind of pasta sauce they want to order. Spaghetti Factory is not a ... [more ]
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