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Canopy walk in a rainforest (Kakum National Park) 5 stars
Some weeks ago a few of us made a 3 hours drive from Accra to Kakun national park - the only rainforest in Africa that has a tree top walkway. While we waited for the guide to finish his previous tour we looked around the interactive museum with displays about the park. There was also a giftshop and a drinks bar.

The tour guide then walked us about 200 meters to the top of the main part of the reserve. From here we crossed over the treetops on 7 rope bridges that were hanging 45 meters above the forest floor. The walkway was really shaky but it did have nets on either side, so it wasn't too frightening.

The views of the rainforest is spectacular and we also saw some birds and loads of butterflies.

After the bridges we continued on a rainforest walk and our guide showed us many important tropical plants that are used as medicines in Ghanaian culture.

The tree top walkway is definitely a great experience, but donĀ“t expect to see much forest wildlife, since most of the animals- like the pygmy elephants and the forest buffalo - have migrated to more remote parts of the park.


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