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Mannheim is a uniquely built city - all the streets in the city center form a big square and are all crossed at a right angle. The town itself looks quite modern, probably too modern for me, I prefer older towns with smaller streets not crossing all at the right angle. And there is also something else that I didn't like very much - the city is situated on the meeting point of two big rivers - Neckar and Rhine, but you can't go to the point where Neckar flows into Rhine, because it is in the industrial zone. In Koblez, by contrast, the meeting point of Rhine and Moselle is a really magnificent place, in other towns like Passau, one can at least reach the point where the two rivers meet.... [more ]

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The first thing you’ll notice is …there aren’t any! The center of Mannheim is... [more ]


Mannheim is a very nice city, I would say it has the perfect size in terms of... [more ]

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1. Mannheim Film Festival 4.0 stars
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